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Customer Service Skills- An Example



As I called a local business today to speak to a marketing director I was greeted with he isn’t in I’ll take your name and number no need to give me details as I am busy with payroll. This really stirred up my thoughts as to people needing customer service skills. This was my first encounter with this business and I was offering them something of value and servive, an opportunity to host my radio show at no charge and to promote them in return to my over 1000 twitter followerrs, my over 500 linked in connections, my over 1400 friends on facebook, and to all my groups. This made me think is this the 1st impression that you want to leave with your potential customers or business associates. Words like I am busy turn the caller off, instead switch it to give me a minute and I will be happy to leave a detailed message. Remember you never know who you are talking to on the other end of the phone. In this case I was not only a potential customer I am someone who can help your business. Maya Angelou once wrote “People will not remember what you said or did but they will remember how you made them feel.” Leave people feeeling good about your company by delivering outstanding customer service skills


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Customer Service Skills- Tips to Increase Your Brand and Profit

      In every conversation be it in person or on the phone there are customer service skills that will help your brand and your revenue.

The right tone in a voice mail outgoing message can leave a good impression. I am always impressed when I get a professional sounding message that exudes enthusiasm and professionalism. As a voice talent my message is upbeat and usually includes a business tip.

The way you anser the phone or have people answer your phones is important. I often call my chiropractor and I am always impressed by the way they answer the phone Hello This is Schelin Family Chiropractic I am ____________ and I can help you. From the onset I feel welcome and appreciated.

If you have a brick and mortar business the way you greet people makes a big difference, My sales at Footlocker as a Manager led the district because I greeted everyone within 5 seconds of entering the stores, sharedthe specials with them, and delivered V.I.P. Treatment regardless if they were buying a $30 pair of sneakers or $115 pair of sneakers. As a result word got out into the neighborhood when you go to Footlocker see Jonathan.

This week I recommend that you hone your customer service skills and those of your employees, (if you have any). Think about what a customer represents to you and how great customer service skills impact your image and your revenue.

Customer Service Skills- Customers Speak With Others and Their Wallet

    When I was in The Bowling Industry I was a counter conbtrol supervisor and I interacted with many customers and one day I heard one customer say “That Guy Behind The Counter Really Makes It Nice Here,” I smiled and went about doing what I always did smiling and assigning lanes. As I continued witht he center and became a sales associate and a certified bowling coach I looked for ways to enhance a customers experience. I answered the phone Brunswick Margate Lanes This is Jonathan Would You Like to Join a League? I used this approach in person as well and at the end of one summer I helped to put 1500 league bowlers on the floor because I used outstanding Customer Service Skills.

     People talk and believe it or not they share bad experiences 75% more of the time then they do good experiences. A great customer service skill is to make the client/customer feel great and have a good experience everytime they interact with your business.

Bowl Your Customers Over With Outstanding Customer Service Skills

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