Strategic Marketing: How To Align With Charitable Causes


Strategic Marketing- Aligning With Charitable Causes

As I began to post my new endeavor I began to think about strategic marketing and how to align with charitable causes. Since I was 11 years old I have supported charitbale causes that resonate with me. My backyard carnival for The Muscular Dystrophy Association was my first foray in utilizing strategic marketing. The plan was to get the kit, read all the material, and then set up the backyard carnival. I did this and foloowed the steps and when the project was completed I had raised enough money to earn me a spot on The Skipper Chuck Show. I used that appearance on the Skipper Chuck Show to get work as I started to promote myself as Odd Jobs done by Jonathan and used a tag line as seen on The Skipper Chuck Show and donated a portion of my fee to The Muscular Dystrophy Association. The key to finding a charitable cause is to look for something that resonates with you and that you are passion about and that you feel comfortable in supporting.

     A simple strategic marketing program tied to a charity is Shamrocks Against Dystrophy, where you sell the Shamrocks as part of your day to day acctivities leading up to St. Patrick’s Day and give the proceeds to The Muscular Dystrophy Association. As a business you display the shamrocks when they are purchased, take photos and at the end you can alert the media as to what you did so as to show that you are giving back to the community. You can promote this program before, during, and after the project. This is one of many charitable causes you can support.

 Strategic Marketing- More Charitable Causes to Align Yourself With

        When doing startegic marketing the idea is to bring people to you to create a sense of giving and joy through your activities. There are many great causes to be involved with. On of my causes is The American Cancer Society  and I align myself with this cause due to the fact that cancer has touched many of my friends and relatives. I use  strategic marketing from setting up the website to sending media releases to sharing with as many people as I can. I generally carry Relay for Life information with me and attach my business card so that clients will recognize that I am involved in a charitable cause.

         Some other charitable causes that can help with your strategic marketing are:






       Through aligning yourself with a charitable cause you will enhance your strategic marketic as it will give you something to promote. When choosing a charitable cause make sure:

. It is something you believe in

. Something that clients/customers will relate to

. That they will allow you to use logos in your advertising

. That they have a presence in the market place

       This week look at charitable causes you  are aligned with or those you would like to align yourself with and incorporate them into your strategic marketing.

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