Enhancing The Customer Experience


Enhancing The Customer Experience- Strategies

As a business owner or represenatative of a business it is important to remember that the customer experience should be a positive one so that the customer will share their positive experience with others. I have a philosophy in business that you never know who youare talking with be it in person or on the phone so make everyone feel important. Maya Angelou wrote people will forget what you said or waht you did but they will always remember how you made them feel. When you make people feel good by being of service and value you will enhance their overall experience and thus increase your percentage of repeat business.

This is Strikers Lanes in Sunrise prior to a corporate bowling party

Strikers Lanes in Sunrise, FL recently held a corporate party and from the time participants walked in to the time they left they were made to feel welcome and appreciated. As a result they have booked several more parties for this group and others that the participants are involved in. By enhancing the customer experience you  create a buzz about the business.

There are many strategies to enhance the customer experience

1. Collect their address and send a personalized thank you note with a discounted offer when they come back in

2. Collect their email address and make them part of your insiders club with special offers.

3. Offer  services that your compettitors don’t. For example if you are a life coach and your client has a session with you while they are int e sesssion make arrangements for a complimentary car wash and have the car wash person leave a thank you note from you and an apple on the dash.

4. Make sure they are greeted and thanked upon arriving and thanked again when leaving.

5. Do special events with give aways.

Enhancing The Customer Experience- Stories From The Field

A few weeks ago I walked into my local Starbucks and by the time I got to teh counter I was greeted with Hi JDOGG here is your Venti Carmel Frappacino. I thought wow now that is service. I asked the barista what if I wanted something else, his answer then I would have given you this and made you what you wanted. The fact they remembered me and my order was impressive and one of the reasons I keep going back. The experience is generally pleasant when I visit my local Starbucks.

On the flip side I was at Office Depot and I was looking for glue sticks I finally went to the counter and was told oh they are in aisle 14, I went to aisle 14 and guess what no glue sticks. I went around to the aisle 13 guess what no glue sticks then finally in aisle 12 I found glue sticks. I asked to see a manager to explain what had happened and suggested he have a greeter at the door and he said he is usually the one at the door. I also suggested that when someone asks where something is instead of directing the person to the item that the clerk or someone walk them over to where the item is. Needless to say I haven’t been back to this Office Depot since.

Enhancing The Customer Experience- Non Brick and Mortar Business

       I use my cell phone to conduct business and have a non-traditional business as I don’t have an office per se and I travel to see people to help them with PR and Marketing. I often find myself calling people only to hear this is Bob I am not available leave a message. This does a diservice to your business as it does not enhance the customer experience. A way around this is to have  aprofessional voice on the voice mail stating Hello, this is BOB SMITH, The Family Life Coach, I am currently helping another family achieve their dreams however I will return your call as soon as my session is over. Remeber this week I am offering 1.5 hour sessions for the price of 1 hour. Thank you for calling and have a joyous day. This 20 second message will not only make a great first impression it will build your reputation and enhance the customer experience.

     Another great way to enhance the customer experience is to be attentive, do the small things you may take for granted, be grateful and tahnk people for their services. Many times I am with a client and I make it a point to turn my phone off. I am asked why I do that and my response is that for the next hour your are the most important person in the room and you deserve my full attention. This has gotten me many compliments and return business because I make the customer/client feel importnat and thus enhance their customer experience.

   This week increase your client/customer base by enhancing the customer experience. Keep track of how you are treated and the customer experiences you have had and use them as tools to mak your customers feel important, appreciated, and welcome.






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