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 Leadership in Business- The Circle of Influence

           How many times are you asked as a solopreneur who is in your circle of influence and how do you show leadership in business? Think for a minute who are you surrounding yourself with? Who do you admire? What books are you reading?  There is a quote that great leaders vibrate and resonate with others. What vibration are you giving off? How does your story reach the hearts of those you come in contact with?

           My personal message is maximize your message by seeking assistance from the people in your circle of influence who can best help you achieve your goals and objectives. After finding the people that can help you find ways you can help them. By helping others get what they want you will get what you want.

            I often use the term network from the heart, which means making it less about you and more about the people you are encountering. When you find something of value to give your circle of influence your circle of influence will help you with leadership in business.

Leadership In Business- Traits

 .Honest- When I think of honest I think of Abraham Lincoln. Being honest and delivering on what you promised goes far for leaderhip in business.

.Forward-Looking-When I think of pioneers I think of Iocca, who deveoped new and innovative for the american car industry and introduced vehicles that the public desired. On car was The Chryser McLarren Convertible that turned a stuggling company into a profitable company.

.Competent- I look around and I see many leaders who are skilled and who strive for excellence. One leader was Steve Jobs, who showed people that they can be creative and with the right core competencies cam become successful.

.Inspiring- When I think of inspiring I think of Nelson Mandela, who stood up for what he believed in served time in a South Sfrican Prison for his beleifs and went on to be Prime Minisiter.

.Intelligent- One of my heroes is Golda Meir, Foremer Prime Minister of Israel who had a class and intelligence that made her a well respected leader.

        Think of those who come to mind when you think of these traits. It is when you posses these 5 traits that you exude leadership in business.

Leaderhip is about  bringing people together for the common good of the company or the organization. Having good leadership in business will enhance the community and thus increase your brand and revenue. This week show leadership in business by being of service and value.

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