Brand Awareness: Building Your Personal Brand


These are easily recognizable logos as these companies have established their brand and thus demonstrate the importance of Brand Awareness.


Brand Awareness- Who Are You?


When developing your personal brand you want to ask yourself with my brand awareness what 3 things do I want to be known as?

For example you are and outstanding financial planner who also bakes and many people know you as The Financial Baker, so you develop

a logo that exemplifies this and then brand yourself accordingly by bring baked goods to networking meetings and handing out a faux $10,000 bill as your business card.

Building your brand reflects who you are and what you represent. If you are personal trainer then your logo needs to represent your core values.

A great jumping off point for brand awareness is to make the I AM list and design a logo that effectively reflects who you are.

How Many of These Logos Do You Recognize and What Comes to Mind?


Brand Awareness- What do want people to say?

When someone sees your logo what reaction do you want to evoke. Part of brand awareness is the reaction that the consumer will have as this creates credibility and loyalty

in the market place. If you are selling fitness you want to have a logo that will exhibit health and wellness. If you are a barber or stylist you want a logo that says good looks. If you are in finance

you want to use something that says money. Each individual can build brand awareness by utilizing tools that will have the majority of your target audience saying positive things about your brand. It as simple as doing

word association ask friends and colleagues when they hear your name what comes to mind and then incorporate this into building your brand awareness.


Brand Awareness- Simple Ways to Get Noticed

. The 3 foot rule- If some one is with in 3 feet of you make sure you have something to give them about you and what you do. A unique item with your logo can help with your brand awareness

. Place your logo and contact information in public places

. Place your logo on Collared Shirts and other items that the general public will see.

. When out in a public place hang a sign with your name and logo up in the spot where you are seated. For example having a sign that says This Space Reserved For _______ with your logo and putting it up when you arrive. If you

. If you are are a writer setting up a table saying meet author_______________________.


The key to building brand awareness is to be proactive and creative. I have my business cards everywhere I go and they currently have a head shot of me on them, I also post my photos on facebook and twitter and many people see them and when they see me at

an event say you are JDOGG. I say yes I am. The other day I was at Starbucks and a colleague came up and said “Hey JDOGG, How are you,” a patron said I have heard about you. I said how, he said a friend listens to your radio show. The key is to always find ways to build brand awareness


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