Maximizing Your Message: Part 2


As I was out and about last week promoting the idea of maximizing your message, I stopped by Cici’s Pizza in Sunrise to introduce myself and get to know the manager. As I spoke to the manager I was told I can’t afford to market, this time of the year all of our locations are slow. I was tempted to say you mean people don’t eat pizza in October. I took a deep breath and asked what if it didn’t cost you any money to maximize your message? His reply was everything costs money. I suggested that he connect with the high schools in the area and offer to do fundraisers for them where a $1 from each sale would be donated tot he school. His answer the mark up is very small in this business and I would lose money. My reply is that by doing this and taking pictures and putting it out to the media would actually make money as it has show that 12% of people that come for a fundraiser will return when there isn’t a fundraiser. Picture this if 100 people come to the fundraiser and you donate $100 from the sales and 12 peopel come back and spend $8 each their return visit takes care of the donation and every other return brings a profit. You can maximize your message by being proactive and creative.

Keeping with the theme of pizza and how being creative can maximize your message. This is a promo video I did for Hungry Howies as part of Breast Cancer(Health) Awareness Month.

This is an example of maximizing your message and many companies are using The Month of October to create awareness of their products and services while helping those affected by cancer. This has created a big controversery, however controversy creates cash and cash creates more opportunities. The idea is for you to maximize your message.

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This week find ways to maximize your message and share what you are doing here.




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