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Are you Maximizing Your Message? I was making calls today about a workshop, Don’t Get Spooked By Publishing and PR, that Faye Levow, President and CEO of Launchpad Publishing will be conducting on 10/20 at ARTSERVE in Fort Lauderdale when I was confronted by someome who keeps telling me their business is slow and when offered a suggestion say good idea and doesn’t act upon it. This time I simply told them I wanted to share the information with them. As the person I spoke with was in the financial field I suggested they write a Financial Fitness Column and submit it with a 45 word bio and a head shot to Financial Related Publications as well as mainstream media. I was told good idea but it is not something I will be doing. This is an example of not maximizing your message. My advice to everyone is put yourself out in as many places that fit within the scope of your beliefs and that are synergistic with your goals and objectives.

This is one way to maximize your message. Look for more maximizing your message ideas in future posts. This week please share how you are maximizing your message.


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