Using International Peace Day As A Way To Drive Business

Today is Intenernational Peace Day, which really had me thinking about how a business can capitilize on special days through out the year to drive business. One business The Herat Painter’s Studio in Boca Raton, FL is using this day as a way to promote peace and celebrate the 1st birthday of the studio. This is a great example of planning your work and working your plan. The event was by invitation only and to receive an invitation you were required to submit your address and an invitation was sent to you. What a novel idea using regular mail to communicate and reach you audience. This personalization goes along way in making people feel they are appreciated and thus they will continue to do business with you. It all serves as a great data base builder. Using oler methods compliments the newer technological advances and has proved to increas business. I felt very good the day I oppened the invitation to attend The Heart Painter’s Studio event.

A great way to plan to take full advantage of these special days is to get a callendar and seek out the unique days and formulate promotions around those days that will resonate and capitivate existing clients/customers as well as attract new clients/customers. There are people who migh not frequent your business or inquire about services normally, however on themed day they may call, book an appointment, or patronixe your business, For example December 1 is World Cancer Day so think about it you can do a special project for a cancer related organization promote it and thus bring in traffic.

One great thing is you can create your own day and promote that day. By being creative and proactive you will build your brand and increase your business. You can answer your phone accordingly like Hello This is JDOGG Happy International Peace Day How Can I Make Your Day. You can have special cards to hand out while you are networking. Through the use of themed days you are creating a buzz about who you are, what you do, and showing people why they should do business with you.

I chose the last video as I am a Returned U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer whose country of the service was The Philippines. As a Returned U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer I have  aresponsibility to share with others my experiences and to be a light of peace in the world. So I am sharing peace as I do business today. This week find a day that resonates with you and plan an activity that will help you grow personally and professionally,


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