Using a Message and a photo grabs attention

Have you ever wondered how do I get on the top of the mind of my current and potential clients/customers? Achieving Conscience Awareness is a challenge that faces us all, however it is achievable when we make our own conscience effort to appeal to our desired audience. By knowing who our audience is and what appeals to them we can use our advertising and promotional material to be on the top of thier mind.

A few keys to increase conscience awareness are.
.use a photo that is relevant to what is happening in the community. A picture increases the readership of a pring ad by 64%. A Photo like the one in the begining of the blog that evokes emotion will create a buzz about your business. The idea is to get people talking and to take positive action that increases your revenue.
. Include videos in your electronic presentation be it on the web, TV, or other promotions
. Have a professional voice on your audio presentations from voice mail to radio commercials


Having a microphone in your location and doing an anouncement every 30 minutes has proven to be an effective way of  achieving Conscience Awareness.

The more information you can give a customer/client while entertaining them the more conscience they will be about you and the more you keep your product or service on the top of their mind the better your chance of having them stay with you and share with other potential clients/customers.


.Having a mesaage that you are known for also helps in creating conscience awareness amongst the consumer.

One great technique that I like is what I call the 3 foot rule where if someone is within 3 feet of you you share with them who you are and what you do and find out how you can be of service and value.

This week measure your successes by the amount of seeds you plant and watch the seeds grow. Let me know how you achieved conscience awareness.
















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