A Big JDOGG Shout to all that are supporting my effort to positively shift the consciousness of the world one community at a time. It was early Saturday Morning 8/27/11 when I ventured out to do what I love and that is use my voice to help others. The video shoot for Miami Fury Football Upclose went very well.

I have  been the Voice of Miami Fury for 5 seasons and have learned so much from their owner Gayla Harrington,a nd the coaches and players. The lesson I learned from being involved with this team is that when you give guidance and support you build loyalty. I am often asked JDOGG how do you build loyalty. There are several ways:

. Be your authentic self and those that are attracted to you will support your efforts

. Deliver what you promise

. Give 100% in all that you do

. Find ways to be of value and service

. Come from a position of gratitude

As I finished the video shoot I left to go announce The Sunrise Gators Games and during onr of the games The Gators were down by a large margin and the opposing team kept scoring, which they are supposed to do. The Gators Coach didn’t get made he acknowledgesd the kids and then did something that translates into business he praised them for not giving up and playing till the clock read 0:00. The kids learned there will be days that the football gods just don’t smile on you, however the season is a marathon not a sprint and there will be other opportunities when the football gods make it your day. The business lesson is to continue on your mission until your clock reads 0:00 and then come up better prepared and you increase your chance for success. Many of the kids on the team have been with the coach for a couple of years as he continues to give guidance and support and thus creates loyalty.

The task today is to find ways that you are building loyalty and share here.

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