Advertising Ideas: Videos Enhance Presentation


On 8/21/11 I emceed The Kids Konvention and when I completed my role as an emcee I took a walk around the to businesses who were exhibiiting there. I reaized that many of them did not have a video about their business. I asked many why they didn’t have a video and was told it is to expensive to produce a video. My answer was to show them videos I did using my Droid X powered by Verizon Phone and stressed this was just a starting point.
I then proceeded to show them the videos and explain how having a video increases credibility. Having a video enhances your presentation. Having a video to post on social media sites will asssit in buiding your brand. I have seen the following use videos effectively
John Mawell with his Minute With Maxwell on a daily basis with a word of the day
Bert Oliva with his BOWA World Videos
The making of the video is simpler today than ever before. If you have a camcorder on your phone, a camera on your laptop you can make a video. The uploading is simpler today with the advent of USB Ports and quickshare applications.
In making the video make sure the person holding your phone knows how to use it and that they realize that the video is serious business to avoid this from happening.

A few keys to a good video:

.Make it clear

. Keep the message consistent with your brand

. Keep the message short designed to peak interest and create traffic



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