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JDOGG Shows Sharing That Leads to Rewards

On Monday, 8/15/11, I had the pleasure of connecting with Ken Esrig, who presented me with the cd version of his book, I immediately opened it when I got into my car and placed it in the CD Player. I started to take mental notes and especially liked the Dollar Bill Sandwich concept. Today I shared this concept with one of my collegues, Melinda Armstrong, who gifted me a gift card from Starbucks. Earlier today I was on the show Paying It Forward, , where I discussed the idea of sharing and finding easy and affordable ways sometimes free that can benefit your business.

Ken shares a vast amount of information about succeeding in business at,  Melinda shares a wealth of knowledge on being physically fit at These two individuals are living examples of the concept that through sharing rewards are reaped. Think about ways you might be able to share and get rewarded for it. I do alot of work fundraising for The American Cancer Society as a result I was honored as The 2008 Hope Award Winner from The South Palm Beach Unit. This award has helped me to build credibility as I walk my talk.

As an Entrepreneur you have the ability to share and give back to the community. The rewards are amazing. As an example Hungry Howie’s in Plantation helped me with The American Cancer Society Relay for Life with a donation of 10 large pizzas for the pizza lap and Little Ceasars in Subrise did the same. As a result I have made a video for Hungry Howie’s and supported them as a customer and I have patronized Little Ceasars. It did not cost these two businees that much to make a product donation and they continue to benefit as I share what they did to assist my cause.

Here are some ideas for your business to share so that you can be rewarded.

. Host a fundraising event and promote it

. Donate a portion of sales for one day to a charitable cause

. Volunteer at a local school

. Sponsor Events in The Community

. Post specials in social media like twitter, facebook, linked in, et al.

. Sponsor youth sports

.  Find programs like Shamrocks for MDA, Stars and Moons for ACS, Feet for March of Dimes and participate or create your own fundraiser based on these concepts.

. Support your local church or synagogue

The key is to find programs to run and promote them in the community. It has shown that businesses that give back to the community increase theior sales on average of 10%.  This week find a way to share and you will be rewarded.


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