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Imagine it is 1st and 10 an The PA Announcer says “The Sunrise Gators would like to thank our sponsors,” and then read a list of sponsors that is heard by the 250-300 parents attending the football game and you are one of the sponsors. Sponsorships of events is a very effective and affordable way to build your brand while also building traffic to your business if you have a brick or mortar business. If you have a home based or internet based business this can build your brand and drive virtua traffic.

I know of a restaurant in Coral Springs, FL where The Owner is very community oriented and several years ago began sponsoring little league basebaball, The Coral Springs Chargers of The American Youth Football League, The Holiday Parade, and The Our Rown Festival. As a result many of the teams and civic organizations frequent this restaurant and host special events at the restaurant. This particular restaurant gies the extra mile opening its doors early for a pancake breakfast, placing collection cannisters at the register. This restaurant’s sponsorships have paid dividends and continue to be a solid investment in furthering the business.

The idea is to look at sponsorships as investments. Ask what events, teams, schools, or organizations can I sponsor? As you begin to become a sponsor make sure you let people know that you are doing the sponsorship. The sponsorship should be a solid return on your investment and should include:

. Pubicity for your business

. Some form of recognition for you to display

If you look in your community you will find that there are many opportunities to buikd your brand through sponsorships. Many times my sponsorship is my voice to announce at games. Through giving of my services I am able to ngain  exposure and hone my craft. You never know who may see a banner or ask for a business card or take home a program book. It is when you look at a sponsorship as an investment that you will find the most effective sponsorship opportunities


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