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I was asked how do you get to Carnegie Hall. My answer was practice. The more you practice your craft the better you become. Preparation is half the battle. One key is to practice in the mirror and videotape yourself and tweak for improvement.

Through Practicing and critiquing your videos you will become a better presenter. For example this video has some mistakes but I kept it and posted it to learn and show people it is okay to make mistakes as long as they help you to improve.

Some great tips to help you hone your skills are:

. Write a Script and Rehearse

. Go With The Flow and keep going even if you make a mistake

. Practice in Front of A Mirror

 Advertisement Ideas: You Perform How You Practice!!!


Post image for The Three Laws of the Bar ExamSetting aside time everyday to practice your craft will set in  motion the skills needed to succeed.  Remembering the adage  how you do anything is how you do everything is a key element in honing your skills. In being able to hone your skills daily you will deliver a peak performance. As a PA Announcer I make it a point to practice daily. I find a game on TV of any sport and I do my announcer voice so that I can be the best announcer when the time comes to do the announcing at a live event. In college I made a tape for a friend where I made up an entire baseball game and I sent it to him so he could critique it. By doing this I was able to hone my skills and improve on my craft. Today there are many videos of me at that I watch to see what I did correctly and what I need to improve.











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