Spiritual Emcee: Reach Out to Reach Up


JDOGG Lederman and Marie O'Riordan are shining lights of hope

It is when we reach out to help others that we end up reaching new heights in our personal and professional lives. As I interviewed Marie O’Riordan tonight I began to realize just how important it is to be a beacon of hope for others. By being a beacon of hope you create awareness of who you are and what you do and you give the media a reason to cover you.

Like the beacon that guides a boat to shore your media should be the same way guiding your media releases into the desired resource. The shining light is the meat of the story or the angle you use. It gains the attention of the receiver of your information and when it resonates it  shines a light on you. Media relations is the key to getting noticed and building your brand.

When you write  your story think of what you have done that will grab the  attention of the audience you are seeking. For example I may write about my U.S. Peace Corps experience in The Phillipines so as to attract the Filipino audience and set up a special event to support one of their respective causes. By doing this I grab the attention of my desired audience.

When I was involved with The Relay for Life, my press release read JDOGG BARKS FOR CANCER RESEARCH, I sent this out to media outlets and it was picked up by several radio stations and newspapers. The key is finding a creative way to attract the attention of teh media like that bright light of the lighthouse.

Keep rowing and let your light shine on those you come in contact with and you will see results in your media coverage.




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