Advertisement Ideas: Having The Right Equipment


A Smile is a good piece of equipment

You wouldn’t go out to play tackle football with out a helmet and shoulder pads so why would one start to implement tactics without a strategy?  In my chosen field of endeavor having the proper equipment to record with or announce with is imperative to getting assignnments.  As I celebrated my birthday I moved in the direction of upgrading and received a gift of a YETI, a microphone recommended by the pros for voice overs. I have  been practicing with it and laying some tracks and am learning how to get the maximum results with the microphone. As I began to use the microphone I started to think how can I help the readers of this blog get the maximum results for their marketing and public relations efforts. The first concept I came up with was having the right equipment.

Equipment in Marketing and Public Relations is much like the equipment you would use in football

. The Ball is your copy

. The Cleats are the media list to give you good footing in the marketing and pr arena

. The Helment is the protection of proprietary content

. The Shoulder Pads are the gatekeepers who field your calls

The key is to move the ball down the field and penetrate the end zone (The Media Outlets). Each time you score you increase your chances of winning(Building your brand and increasing revenue).

As The Marketing and PR Leader (Coach) you call the plays( Finding The Angles) that will entice those receiving your stories from your quarterback(copy writer). The quarterback can audibilize using sound judgement to size up the defense (the editors, program managers, and producers) finding the first downs( nuggets) that will lead to touchdowns (Published/Promoted Stories)

The question now is how do you get noticed?

. Make your story entertaining, interesting, and relevant

. In addition to emailing your releases follow up with calls

. Post the story in your blog, on your website, and other PR/ Marketing Sites

. Build relationships with the media outlets you are pursuing

The key to your success will be being prepared and having the right equipment.



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