Advertisement Ideas: More Things That Make You Go Hmmm!!!


Advertisement Ideas: More Things That Make You Go HMMM!

I was scrolling through my social media feeds and I started to think if people spent less time on what politicians were doing and concentrated more time  on building their business where they might be. This was one of the things that made me go hmmm!!! Over my 40 plus years of assisting non-profit organizations and for profit businesses in building their brand and increasing revenue I have encountered many people who have made me go hmm. Just the other day I was at an event and I offered to make announcements to help create a bit of a buzz at the event. Now anyone who knows me knows how great my voice is and how I can bring any event to life and create excitement and engage a crowd. I was told oh we have that covered. This made me go hmmm as I thought you have one of the best emcees in the area offering to help you with your event and you say no. Then there was the vendor who immediately said I am not interested which really made me go hmmm as I thought here you are selling spiritual jewelry and you have someone who has a spiritual blog and who could have helped you to reach your desired target audience and you were closed off to even listening or engaging in a conversation. This made me go hmmm because I know that by engaging people you can build your brand and increase your revenue as you never know who that person may know or how they can help you. As you do business think about the moments you may be creating where people are going hmmm and as a result are not doing business with you and going down the block to your competitor.
Another thing that makes me go hmmm is the fact that people will speak poorly of you and are quick to judge and as a result miss out on the knowledge that you bring to the table to help them to strengthen their brand and increase their revenue. I had a situation with an employer who thought they could generate the revenue that I was generating with out me and I just read an Instagram where they claimed to be struggling in their business and how retail sales were down everywhere so they were doing a 50% off sale. I thought if you would have kept me on and implemented some of the promotions that I suggested you wouldn’t be struggling as you had someone who was building a  following and who had people specifically coming to your store to shop. What made me go hmm was when the owner said I don’t need your help I have been doing this for 25 years. Again ask yourself who am I working with and how are they being of service and value to my business. I am always amazed how people are so quick to judge instead of looking at the big picture. Another thing that made me go hmmm was when a team I had announced for for 4 years decided to move to another city to play and I raised my rates as the drive time was now double. I was told oh your price per game at $200 is a bit high. I thought hmmm you get what you pay for and what I bring to the table is worth $200 if not more because I not only announce the game I share that I am announcing across social media. What really made me go hmmm is that I am not announcing for the team and they are still using my videos and my pictures. It always amazes how some people do business and are somewhat successful despite not doing right by people.

Image result for Deliver on what you promisedAnother thing that make me go hmmm is when someone makes a promise and then doesn’t deliver and when called out on it makes all types of excuses. I recently had a lady tell me oh I am going to bring you chance drawing items for your event as we didn’t use them at another event. I reached out through direct message on Facebook only to be told by a third party that the lady said I never contacted her. I said hmmm that it is interesting I have the direct messages from Facebook right here. Now if you tell me you didn’t check your messages than that explains to me why you may be struggling in your business. I have found that here is South Florida especially there are a lot of people who blow smoke and when push comes to shove are full of excuses.  I have dealt with small 1 person operations to Fortune 100 companies and I have found those who are honest and up front and support my efforts and listen to me avoid being put into the category of things that make you go hmmm.

Image result for the four agreements

If you truly want to avoid being in the things that make you go hmmm post adhere to these four agreements above and you will see improvements in your personal and professional life. You can avoid being on the  things that make you go hmmm list by simply being open, receptive, and respecting the value that people bring to your business.

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