Advertisement Ideas: Taking The Good With The Bad!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Taking The Good With The Bad!!!


Image result for Be impeccable with your word Today (8/31/2017) was another lesson earned about people and the fact that in business you are going to deal with people who say one thing and do another. When this happens you have a choice you can put up with it and accept it or you can simply say to bad so sad don’t let the door hit you where GOD split you. Today I was supposed to have a meeting with a perspective buyer for The University Of Miami Replica Championship Rings that I am selling. A gentleman by the name of Brian Goon, stated he wanted to purchase the rings through a Facebook message. I made arrangements to meet him today and sell him the rings he was a no-show. I sent a message and also left comment on Facebook to which he didn’t reply. I found this to be an  example of the  bad in people as I know I would have given the person the benefit of a reply even if I had changed my mind. This got me to thinking this is why people continue to struggle in their personal and professional life as they lack the common courtesy to treat people with respect. Guess who I won’t be doing business with in the future? After I got over the initial disappointment and the lack of professionalism that this gentleman showed I realized that not everyone understands that their action not only affect them but their actions affect others. I am sure I will sell the rings will sell as I am asking $100 and donating $50 to The American Cancer Society Relay For Life.

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Now for good as it relates to I wrote to them for assistance with The Points For The Cure Football Edition Party as I am seeking chance drawing items for the event. They messaged me with a promo code so that I could order a replica ring at no charge from them. I ordered the 2011 NY Giants Super Bowl Ring.

2011 New York Giants Championship Ring - Own Sports History As I do with everyone who is supportive of the effort to help those touched by cancer I gave them shout outs across social media and also mentioned them at When the ring comes I will do a video to thank them as it is about helping those who help you. Think about ways you can be good to those who ask for support and how your support can increase your brand awareness while also increasing revenue. In this case I know there is a great chance that I will order a Ring from them as a gift for someone on my gift list. One small gesture of good will can go along way in strengthening your business.

Advertisement Ideas: Lessons Learned From Taking The Good With The Bad!!!

Image result for jj watt wallpaperAs I watched the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey I witnessed a lesson that showed me how important it is to find the good after something bad occurs. I watched as JJ Watt pledged $25,000 and then asked others to donate and as of 5:30 PM today he has spearheaded a campaign that has raised over $8 million. It was great to see someone of JJ Watt’s status step up and use his platform for good. Unfortunately there were people on social media that stated oh he could have given more he is a million dollar athlete. To these haters, doubters, and naysayers I ask what are you doing to be of service and value to others. Thank you to JJ Watt for being a positive influence and helping to overcome the bastion of negativity that we call social media.

Image result for Hurricane harvey HeroesBy now we have all seen this image and several others of people coming together to help people overcome the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey which shows us that from tragedy we can triumph. There will be plenty of work to do to recover from the effects of Hurricane Harvey. I suggest we focus on the good that comes out of this and then seek ways to spread positivism to every corner of the globe.Let us find solutions to the challenges that are facing us and use our businesses to be of service and value to the communities where we live, work, and play.
It is sad that it take a tragic event like Hurricane Harvey to show the world that service to humanity is the best work of life and that the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations. Let is take the lessons from Hurricane Harvey and make kindness and compassion part of our everyday business life. Let’s learn from the owner of the furniture store who turned his store into a shelter.

Image result for Putting Things in perspectiveIn comparison to what others are going through trying to recover after the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey someone not showing up to buy The UM Championship Replica Rings pales in comparison. Many times it simply takes looking at things from a different perspective to understand that if GOD brought us to it GOD will bring us through it.


Image result for life balance quotesInstead of focusing on the negative look at the positive and see that everything is in the order that GOD has intended for it to be in. We have choices on what we should focus on. In our daily business lives we should be looking for ways to do the most good.

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