Advertisement Ideas: Become A Message Bomber!!!!


Advertisement Ideas:Become A Message Bomber!

As we celebrate our freedom to take advantage of the opportunities that The United States Of America provides us today (7/4/2017) you can become a message bomber as you advertise your business. Imagine going to a 4th of July event and handing out patriotic CDS with the words courtesy of ___________ with your contact information and website on them. You could also find events where you could have a booth or hang a banner that puts you in front of a large audience that has potential clients/customers attending. It is time for you to become a message bomber and make sure you have marketing/advertising material where ever you go as you never know who you might meet and how you can be of service and value to them or how they can be of value and service to you. The idea is simple be proactive with your advertising/marketing and become a message bomber so that people will be enticed to purchase your products or services. Imagine you all you can do to tie promotions into holidays such as 4th of July you can take items that are normally $20 and mark them down to $17.76 for 4th of July week. The possibilities are endless if you use some creativity.
One way to become a message bomber is to do a salute to the troops promotion and get the word out that you are donating a portion of all your sales to organizations that support servicemen and servicewomen. You can advertise that you are giving discounts to all military men and women and their families. You can find ways to support veteran’s organizations and include what you are doing in your advertising/marketing campaigns. You can even give everyone a free American Flag with purchase while your supplies last. In tying in the holiday theme and planning out a strong marketing/advertising strategy you will see that you strengthen your brand awareness and increase your revenue.

If you have a brick and mortar business you can put speakers outside and play patriotic songs thus drawing attention to your store and building traffic. Think of ways that you can tie in a USA theme. If you are sports apparel and memorabilia business you can decorate your windows to show off everything Team USA Related like Team Jerseys and Ball Caps along with item signed by players from the various USA Teams. You could do an entire advertising/marketing campaign for 30 days prior to the 4th of July and become a message bomber by sending out emails and using social media and also going old school by having a street team handing out fliers in the community. If you are a restaurant you can find a special to run that you could advertise. If you are a hair salon or beauty related business you can tap into the consumers desire to look good when going out and run a special. If you are a pet related business you can find USA related products for pets to offer to your customers. The beauty is that regardless of your industry you can find a way to tie the 4th of July holiday into your business and become a message bomber.

Image result for fireworks safety tipsOne great way to become a message bomber on the 4th of July is to have cards made up with these safety tips on one side and information about your business on the other. The key is to be creative and proactive when becoming a message bomber as the idea is to drive business and increase revenue.

Advertisement Ideas: Becoming A Message Bomber: A Case Study!

Image result for brunswick margate lanes margate flWhen I was a counter control supervisor and outside sales person for Brunswick Margate Lanes I remember being asked to work on The 4th of July. While most people were complaining I jumped on the opportunity and became a message bomber at the counter sharing with everyone who came in our upcoming FALL Leagues and Party Packages. I was very fortunate that Brunswick Margate Lanes was down the block from where the main fireworks display was being held. As people began to come into the parking lot and set up to watch the fireworks I went outside and started to distribute free games of bowling passes. As a result of becoming a message bomber I brought in more business and our revenue increased.  In taking advantage of the situation I was able to book a few parties and sign up some league bowlers while also having people come in to open bowl using the free bowling passes. The key to any brick and mortar business is getting the people in your establishment and making sure they have a great experience so they want to come back. So now is the tie to become a message bomber!!!



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