Advertisement Ideas: Why People Suck!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Why People Suck!!!

As someone who is committed to being of service and value to others I have come to realize that most people suck. The answer why most people suck is that they feel entitled and have lost respect for those around them. I have come into contact with many people who simply suck the literal positivism right out of your soul as they will make arrangements with you and then not show up. When they are called out about it will say oh I forgot or something came up. These same people will then wonder why what they are doing in their personal, professional, and spiritual life is not working. I recently offered someone an opportunity to have items at no charge for them to use in their non-profit endeavors they said oh I will meet you at a certain time and a certain place. I showed up and waited for 2 hours and then left and messaged them only to get the response of oh I forgot. How do you forget when I spoke to you an hour before we were supposed to meet? How about having to chase people down for money they owe for services that you performed. I have had a couple of people even not pay me claiming we didn’t have an agreement. Come on people what happened to being impeccable with your word?

I am generally an even keel very positive person but there have been situations that have arisen that make me go from Mr. Nice Guy to Bat Shit Crazy. I go out of my way to be of value and service and people don’t show up or people make promises and don’t keep them. I have seen this in business many times and it is always amazing to me how the other party want to make excuses and point the blame to the other party. Come on people what has happened to accountability? I recently offered someone items for their incentive program and I gave them 120 days to connect with me and they used the I was so busy excuse stating that during the week they didn’t get home until 8 PM and that on the weekend they were working 12 hour days. I felt bad that this person had to work 2 jobs but I was the one offering the items and I chose to offer them to this person first. As a result of this person being an  excuse maker I gave the items to another organization. I have realized that most people suck and that it doesn’t pay to be nice so guess what when I get items that could help others and spread the concept of positivism I will use them for my endeavors and if people are serious about getting assistance from me they know where to find me.

I have been involved in business and non-profit endeavors for over 40 years and in my case I have had some good experiences but I have also had some bad experiences. Perhaps the bad experiences are a result of me being too nice and allowing people to get away with certain behaviors. It could be that people suck sometimes and fail to realize what I am offering them and how they can take what I offer and improve their personal, professional, and spiritual life. Like for example today I am at Starbucks with 3 John Cena Hats and 3 John Cena Wrist Band and Head Band Sets for a lady who run’s a non-profit and was looking for items for her fundraiser. She direct messaged me that she would be here, well she hasn’t shown up yet. Another woman was supposed to come by and get a printer and a gift I have for her son and she hasn’t shown up. This is why I have come to the conclusion that people suck sometime. I am trying to do good deeds and you leave me hanging then wonder why I don’t support your charity or do business with you any longer. Come on people look at yourself and your actions. I’m sorry with an excuse doesn’t cut it when I am the one going out of my way to help you and do something nice for you.

I have given people so many opportunities to maximize their message and increase their revenue only to see that they suck. When I had a TV Show, The Anything Bucket, which aired on www.wrpbitv.com I would book guests and offer them a chance to buy their clip of the interview. many of my guests were very good and purchased their clips understanding that when they bought the clip they were helping me monetarily while also helping their business. Then there were those who didn’t show or said they were going to buy the clip and did not. Did they not realize that me being a host and selling the clips was a revenue stream for me? It was at that time that I decided to help those who respected me and would support me and to leave the people who suck behind. Unfortunately we have become a society of people who are using the what is in it for me mentality instead of how every party can benefit from the interaction.

It is now time to turn the page and to remove people who suck!!!

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