Advertisement Ideas: What Were You Thinking?


Advertisement Ideas: What Were You Thinking?

Kathy Griffin bloody Trump pic defended by photographer As I sat down and read my Facebook Feed all I could think of was Kathy Griffin what were you thinking. Did you actually think this was funny. Did you think you would gain more fans and get more gigs? Obviously not.  This got me to thinking how many times has a a business owner done something only to regret it in the end. It is a good thing that Kathy amassed a large amount of money over the years and doesn’t have to worry about much because she just dropped from The D List to The F list. I am sure there will be many who still go to her concerts and there will be those who support this as an expression of freedom of expression. It might as well be just that but it will definitely impact her future financial earnings as shows have been cancelled and she has been replaced as a host for CNN’s New Years’s Eve. Think of the actions you take and the potential consequences because every action you take will affect you either positively or negatively. In this case Kathy’s actions have had an adverse affect on her career.

How the mighty have fallen. When the news broke about Tiger Woods a part of me felt sad for here was a man who at one time was on top of the world and was doing so much to help others and then a sex scandal and now a DUI charge. Oh what a fall from grace he has experienced. Again it is a good thing that he is potentially monetarily set for life but his reputation is now forever sullied. Again I ask what were you thinking?

In business we must think things through and have a plan of action so that we can have the optimal results. When you bring in a new product you must have an advertising campaign that highlights the product and creates a buzz so that you drive traffic to the business and thus can create more unique selling propositions. For example you order back packs that look like soccer balls but you have competition selling traditional back packs in your plaza. You don’t have a strategic plan and six months later you still have inventory. It is a good thing these items never go out of style but it tied up your cash flow where you could have done a full blown marketing program revolving around soccer. The key is you must be well versed in all aspects of your businesses so you are not left to answer the question what were you thinking. I suggested that we do an entire soccer section and stay proactive with promotions. The saving grace with this particular company is that there is huge soccer match coming to town with Real Madrid playing Barcelona and Spanish Flag Soccer Ball Back Packs may move if you let people know that you have them. When you are making buying decisions for your business as it relates to the products you will handle you need to listen to the people who have a working knowledge of the industry and have witnessed the trend in the market place. It is important to be proactive with all you do so you aren’t left to answer the question of what were you thinking?


So many times in my dealings with business owners I have found that those who think they know everything soon lose everything.  The key component is to check your ego at the door even though it is your business and you have final say in what happens and are responsible for what happens. I had a situation at a store I worked at where the owner forgot his key and instead of calling someone with a key to meet him he left inventory outside and then called and asked if anyone took in the merchandise. The GM said no as he didn’t know about it. When I heard the story I could only think what were you thinking? If it was me I would have called one of the key holders asked them to meet me at the store and made sure the inventory was secured with in the store. I really enjoyed working for this business owner but after a while I began to ask what were you thinking and as a result was let go. That is when I asked myself what were you thinking. I learned that regardless of how much you ,ike or dislike what is going on in the store it is not your place to let in be known.

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