Advertising Ideas: Are You Missing Opportunities?


Advertising Ideas: Are You Missing Opportunities?

Opportunities Quotes Quote about opportunity.How many times have you stated I am not interested or you haven’t returned a phone call only to miss out on the opportunity to build your brand and increase your revenue. Over the last 40 years I have approached many different businesses to assist me in my efforts to help charitable causes.  I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to companies supporting causes.  I have had organizations like World Wrestling Entertainment send me items that have helped in my efforts to help those touched by cancer. I have had companies like Jimmy John’s refer me to corporate and I haven’t received a return phone call. I have had some business people tell me to leave their store the minute I introduced myself and told them about what I was doing. This prompted me to wonder how many businesses are missing opportunities for their shortsightedness? I have come to learn that there are many people who lack the business acumen to take things to a level where their brand would stand out and as a result would pick up more business. In today’s very competitive market where competition seems to be on every corner it is important to take advantage of every opportunity to stand out and create a buzz while garnering new business while also retaining existing customers.

 A few years ago I approached my local Hungry Howie’s about helping to support The American Cancer Society Relay For Life. They were very receptive and have donated 10 large pizzas each year to support the effort to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays. As a result when I think about ordering lunch or dinner I think of Hungry Howie’s Pizza, I especially like their baked ziti for one. My order averages about $20 – $25 each time I order and I order at least once a month. If you look at their return on investment from just me is very good not to mention how many other people I have told about Hungry Howie’s and as a result they have placed orders.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Pizza Hut, which I used to order from on a monthly basis as I believe in helping all local businesses to succeed. I say used to because a few weeks ago I contacted them about helping a local event to help those touched by cancer and their marketing person didn’t return phone calls or emails. His lack of response cost him my business as well as others that I have shared this with. So ask yourself the next time some one reaches out to you how not calling back or emailing back can affect your business.

Advertisement Ideas: Are You Missing Opportunities: A Case Study!

 Imagine some one calls your business or stops into your business to discuss an event that helps people touched by cancer that has 313 participants with 57 teams representing some very influential business leaders and you blow them off only to find out that this person has some great pull and is known for supporting those that support him. This is a prime example of missing an opportunity for you did not see the forest for the trees.


The other day I was out promoting an event and collecting donations for the event and I ran into a business that was very negative toward me. I thought wow if they had given me the time of day and understood that for 40 years I have been helping businesses with customer acquisition, customer service, and effective cause marketing campaigns. many times I can create a buzz about a business simply because I have the ability to do a very good Facebook Live Video while at the business that my followers see and as a result they support the business. Those that chose to be open to receive and listen have benefited those that gave the canned answer of we are not interested continue to struggle.

I have heard oh business is slow so many times in the last few years that I have come up with an idea of when business is slow go out and create opportunities. I recently worked for a sports memorabilia and apparel store and when business was slow I would do videos and post them across social media featuring a few items. As a result business picked up a bit. I also would take fliers out into the community after my shift and share the store and offer specials to people. I also started to interact with people in public who were wearing sports team apparel inviting them to come to the store.  I also made it a point to make sure people had a good experience when they shopped at the store. Unfortunately I was let go from my position with the store. I share this with you because many times you may be missing out on opportunities because you are stuck in a box. It is time to get out of the box and start to create opportunities and listen to people to see how you can be of service and value to each other. That is the problem with most businesses today they lack vision and when things are slow don’t look for opportunities to grow their business. Namaste!!!

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