Advertisement Ideas: How To Use Your Donations To Generate Profit!!!


Advertisement Ideas: How To Use Your Donations To Generate A Profit!!!

As a business adviser I have always taught the entrepreneurs that utilize my service the importance of making charitable donations be them monetary or in-kind. When you support charities and donate money or good and service you can implement a strategic marketing plan that will allow you to support the community and also turn a profit. One of the best advertisement ideas that I came up with was over 20 years when I asked a local restaurant to host a charity night to raise money for The Coral Springs Jaycees Spreading The Joy Program, which provided Thanksgiving Baskets and a Children’s Shopping Spree for families in need. The restaurant asked what is in it for me and I explained that by donating 20% of his sales for one night he would attract people who wouldn’t normally come to the restaurant and have an opportunity to turn them into regular customers. He was hesitant at first but agreed and that first give back night raised $189 for the project. Meaning that we brought in bout $1,000 worth of business on that night not to mention the amount of people who became regular customers. Since my first give back night I have seen many restaurants adopt this concept and have much success because it creates a win-win situation for all parties involved. When you have  a giving plan it will turn into profit over time as people like to do business with those they perceive to be giving back to the community.

I approached the owners of Skyline Chili in Sunrise years ago about doing a fundraiser and they did several and as a result they picked me up as a regular customer as well as others who now know about their restaurant. The way to turn your donations into profit is to leverage what you are doing and make sure you are mentioning on your web site, in all of your advertising, sharing it on social media, and sending out media releases letting people know that when they support your business they are supporting the community.

I can not tell you how many times I felt like calling a business that had an opportunity to turn their donation into a profit and asking them so how did not returning my call help you oh it didn’t because your competitor did and as a result I am now their customer. Here is a case study for you to ponder when thinking how can my donation turn a profit. I recently called Dominos and spoke to a manager and she agreed to donate $10 large pizzas to a fundraising event I am doing. Her cost probably $55 dollars. I will be placing at least 4 orders with Dominos in the future averaging about $20 each time thus just on me they make their cost back not to mention how many other times I will purchase from that Dominos and how many times I will post about them assisting me across my social media platforms and reaching an audience who most likely will do business with Dominos. On the other hand I called Pizza Hut and was told oh you have to call corporate so I did and left 2 messages without a return call so who do you think is going to get my business and my recommendations. I share this with you because you may be missing out on opportunities to turn your donations into a profit because you didn’t see the value of returning a phone call.

One of the best ways to turn your donation into a profit is to listen especially if the person talking and presenting a concept has over 40 years of success in helping businesses turn their donations into a profit. So many times when I am out garnering support for the charities that I am involved in I hear oh I am not interested or oh there is no soliciting. In having this attitude you may be leaving opportunities to turn your donation into a profit on the table. Remember that the person who is asking for the donation may have a large reach that in turn will reach the people who desire the products or services that you offer. There is always something that you can give that will help to turn your donation into a profit. I was out and about one day and stopped into a restaurant, First Watch, and they gave me a $50 gift card to use in a charitable fundraiser. When family came into to town and wanted to get together for brunch who do you think was on the top of my mind, First Watch. We went to first watch and spent over $80. I personally have gone to First watch on several occasions and spent an average of $20 each time. I share this to illustrate that when you are open to giving you receive.

This is me at Build A Bear, which as a result of supporting my charitable efforts have received my business and the business of those who follow me through my blog, my radio show, and my social media. So the next time someone approaches you about making a donation look at as a way to strengthen your brand and build your revenue.

There are many keys to turn your donation into profit.

1: Be open to listen to those who call you or approach you about supporting their cause.

2: Return phone calls.

3:Promote what you are doing in all your marketing material.

4: Work with 501-c-3 charitable causes so you can get the tax deduction benefit.

5: Find inventory or services that you can give as an in-kind donation that will drive business to you.

6: If you have a brick and mortar business do a give back event and promote it aggressively

  The key is to understand that when you give you open channels to receive. Look at all factors such as your cost to give an item or service and how far-reaching it can be.


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