Advertisement Ideas: The Importance of Cause Marketing!!!


Advertisement Ideas: The Importance Of Cause Marketing!!!

If you are a frequent reader of this blog you know how deep my passion runs for helping those touched by cancer through my involvement with Relay For Life. I do my best to share Relay with as many people as I can especially businesses that can use cause marketing as a strategy to acquire customers and retain customers. I have partnered with many business like The Tijuana Flats in Tamarac, FL, The Chuck E. Cheese’s in Sunrise, and Skyline Chili in Sunrise, FL to do fundraisers and I have been very successful in bringing people to these establishments who normally would not have gone. As a result several of those involved in Relay have become regular customers at these establishments. I have had mush success with those who understand the importance of cause marketing. The key is to partner with a cause that you are passionate about and then leverage your involvement by mentioning it in advertising, through your social media,  and in your media releases. The idea is that you never know who may come into your business because of your support of a cause.

I went to a McDonald’s located Nob Hill Road and Sunset Strip yesterday (4/1/2017) to seek support of Relay For Life and the manager told me you have to call the owner but didn’t have the owner’s number. I thought here is someone who is supposed to be looking out for the best interest of The McDonald’s franchise and should be astute enough to understand the importance of cause marketing. The interesting part of the interaction was that I was going to place and order but because of the manager’s attitude and lack of information to give me to contact the owner I left and went to SUBWAY and bought my meal there as they have supported Relay For Life.  Think about it and do the math I would have sent about $8- $10 at McDonald’s but because of the manager’s lack of understanding of the importance of cause marketing another business received my business. The reason I share this with you is to show you that you must empower your managers to make some decisions when it comes to cause marketing because you may be leaving money on the table because of their lack of understanding the importance of cause marketing. $8-10 may not seek like a lot of money to be walking out the door but think about it how many people will see this story and not go to that McDonald’s and do you think I will be going back to patronize that location?

On the other end of the spectrum from the McDonald’s manager is the owner of Hungry Howie’s at The Jacaranda Square Plaza who each time I have asked for support has helped out with a pizza donation. As a result when I decide to order pizza or other food they are on the top of my mind and get my business.My average order is about $22 when I order and I order at least once a month because they have supported my efforts with Relay For Life.  I share this to stress to you the importance of cause marketing as it translates to increased sales.

The importance of cause marketing is that is builds credibility among potential customers/clients and existing clients. It blends nicely into your advertising and marketing strategy as people will talk about what you did to help their cause and as a result more people will do business with you. Cause marketing builds brand awareness and brand recognition creating a buzz around your business. People like to support businesses that they perceive to be giving back to the community. The key is to sit down each fiscal year and choose some charities to support and let it be known that you are supporting these charities. You also want to empower your management team to be able to select some charities to support. Cause marketing doesn’t always have to be in a monetary manner it can include in kind donations. For example you have a catering business and you don’t have a monetary budget for donations when approached but you can give food and servers in exchange for promotion thus helping the cause and as a result helping your business as you never know who might use your service down the road thus this donation of services leads to future business. Think of what you have to offer and how all parties will benefit through your cause marketing. I have a knack to be able to walk into any business and give them an idea as to how they can benefit from some cause marketing. The businesses that have chosen to support my efforts have benefited greatly as they know the platforms I promote them across.  The idea is that when you help others get what they want you get what you want.  In giving you open up the channels to receive and as a result you strengthen your brand and increase your revenue. As you begin to plan out your marketing for the second quarter make it a point to find a few causes to support that are in line with your core values as a company and promote what you are doing to support them. Stay Positive!!! Namaste!!!

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