Advertisement Ideas: Changing On The Fly!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Changing On The Fly!!!

Today’s entry is inspired by Walk Out On Cancer Day. I went to The Starbucks on University Drive North of  Oakland Park Boulevard at 12 PM expecting many of my fellow Relay For Life Participants to join me in walking out on cancer, however it turned out I was the only one who showed up. I decided to walk out and collect donations. As a result I stopped into Hooters and The GM said I could collect in the restaurant so I did. This small change really got me to thinking about how many times you have to make changes and adapt to the situation at hand in you business life and personal life. In business things happen that we can not control thus we must be able to think outside the box and change on the fly. In every situation there is a positive solution if you think creatively as was the case was today. I wanted people to join me but they didn’t so I simply went an walked out on cancer on my own and found people to put donations into the collection canister.  As I walked I stopped at local businesses along the way and gave them brochures some fundraising fliers. I began to implement my 3 foot rule where if someone was within 3 feet of me I spoke to them about what I was doing.  This type of advertising and marketing led to many people making a $1 or $5 donation. It also led me to making a contact with a photographer and videographer that could utilize my talents as an emcee, voice over talent, or business coach. In aligning yourself with a charity you can open many doors to help your business. In being willing to change on the fly and adapt and overcome you will see that you have more success.

When a plan doesn’t go as we had hoped it is time to step back take a deep breath and alter the original plan so that we move in a positive direction of the desired outcome. Today my goal was to promote the importance of what The American Cancer Society does with a group of people and when I was the only one  I changed the plan on the fly and created a result that in the end I was satisfied with as I chose to focus on the positive. In life as in business we have choices we can get upset and make excuses or we can overcome and adapt and take action. It is important to plan your work and work your plan and make adjustments along the way.  In business it is imperative to have a solid advertising, marketing, public relations, and community relations strategy that builds brand recognition that will lead to increased revenues. 

It is important to take action and have a plan of action that puts your business out there daily. Sometimes it means simply changing what you were going to wear or simply making one more post on social media than you planned for so as to maximize your message. Many times it is simply a matter of adapting and overcoming and having a solid back up plan that will achieve the results you desire.

How many times do you need to change things because of things out of your control? When you have to make a change how do you handle it? This week I took a small job to help set up a new Rainbow Store and was supposed to work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday well I showed up Monday with the other workers and was told that the truck broke down and  to come on Tuesday. I showed up on Tuesday and helped to unload the truck and then prepared the merchandise to be put out on the sales floor. I worked a full day on Wednesday. At the end of the day I was asked to come back today( Thursday).I told them I was unable to because of my commitment to Walk Out On Cancer. They understood and told me to enjoy the day and they wished they could do those things. I said thank you and I left. I could have been upset about not doing an income producing activity or I could have rejoiced in the fact that I get to do something I am passionate about I chose to rejoice. As a result I created some leads for other gigs. As you go about strengthening your business remember that flexibility and adaptability are tantamount to your success.


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