Advertisement Ideas: Management Gone Mad!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Management Gone Mad!!!

 About two weeks ago I went to my laundry and while I was doing my laundry I stopped by a store in the plaza, Past, Present, Future which sells comic books and collectibles as well as soda and snacks. While I went to purchase a soda and snacks I mentioned to the manager that I am involved with The American Cancer Society Relay For Life and that our theme was Superheroes For The Cure and that my team Lederman’s Heroes Walking in Memory of JDOGG’S Mom had chosen Shazam. Instead of taking this as an opportunity to possibly make a sale he told me we don’t need your solicitation I was like wow every business can use additional sales. I then did my best to give the store some added value by making a  Facebook Live Video to which the manager said that the owner doesn’t allow for that and that if I didn’t stop the video he would call the police. I stopped the video and deleted it off my Facebook page. As a past retail store manager who drove sales by being kind and caring in all interactions and acting on what were buying signals such as someone telling me some information I increased sales. When I first started working in Retail for Oaktree, a men’s clothing store I rose to be the #1 sales person in the company by engaging customers and assessing their needs so I know what it takes to build sales and customer relationships. I can fully understand that the manager gets solicited many times during the day however each solicitation is an opportunity for it is not about the solicitor but who the solicitor can reach. In my case I have over 1900 Twitter Followers, over 2900 friends on Facebook, and over 1400 followers on Instagram. So think about it had I had a good experience with this manager I would not have been writing this piece about the negative experience and exposing this negative experience to my followers rather I would have been encouraging people to shop at the store.

Don’t allow a bad manager to stifle your business. Over the 40 years that I have been involved with public and private for profit and non-profit businesses I have encountered many great managers who understand that one oh crap can ruin a 1000 of at a boys. Remember it is human nature for people to remember the bad and share as opposed to sharing the good.  The key is to make sure that your management team is creating an environment that is welcoming because that solicitor today could be a buyer in the future or that solicitor may have a very large reach and instead of getting a good review you end up featured in his blog and on his radio show. The key is to understand that you never know who is coming through your door and how they can be of value and service to you.

 When you are open to all that you come in contact with and you find ways that you can be of service and value to one another that is when you succeed.

Imagine if the manager would have taken my interest in Shazam as a buying signal and shown me merchandise relating to Shazam how the interaction could have went. I may not have bought the item that day but would know that it was available and come back for it. I have always believed that a no today is really a no for right now. I have many success stories of working the floor of a retail store and making sales because I picked up on buying signals and interacted with the customer. One day I was working at a retail sport apparel and memorabilia shop when a customer came in seeking a gift for his wife who was a Buffalo Bills fan and he was looking for a tee-shirt I didn’t have any Buffalo Bills Ladies shirts but instead of saying we didn’t have any I showed him a signed Jim Kelly Football and a Framed Jim Kelly signed picture. he Bought the Jim Kelly signed picture so instead of selling him a $28 shirt I upped the sale and sold him a $250 framed piece. In getting to know what the customer wants and interacting with them you increase your sales.  The key is to understand that everyone who walks into your retail location can benefit you in some way. It is when you look for opportunities that you avoid management from going bad. Remember it has nothing to do with the economy or the industry it has everything to do with your attitude.

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