Advertisement Ideas: Forget The President!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Forget The President!!!

I have learned over the years that in business it is important to leave politics at the door if you are going to succeed because when you engage in a political discussion it can go bad real fast and adversely affect your business. In today’s marketplace with the advent of social media it is important to forget the president and simply go about your business planning your work and working your plan making adjustments along the way. In the scheme of your day-to-day operations who the president is should not have an effect on your ability to market and attract new customers while also retaining your existing customer base. I have  seen many businesses over the last 16 years suffer because they didn’t forget the president and as a result left money on the table or lost money. Such was the case for a local restaurant who is a staunch supporter of The Republican Party a large group from The Democratic Party was going to book an event at the restaurant however when they saw the photos of the republicans from the area on display they went elsewhere.  I share this so as to remind you that many times your political views can hit you the hardest in the wallet for you never know why someone may choose to do business or not to choose to do business with you.

The key to remember when you are implementing a marketing campaign is to leave your politics aside and forget the president. I have witnessed so many people making political posts on social media when they should have been making posts about who they are and what they do and why you should do business with them. The way you choose to advertise is up to you however remember many potential clients/customers and many existing clients/customers read your social media posts and may be swayed not to do business with you because you have a different view than they do. You may think this is trite however people today are so wrapped in their ego that if they feel you bruised their ego they will look elsewhere to get products and services. The key is to forget about who the president is and to continue to strengthen your brand and increase your revenue by acquiring and retaining customers/clients.

It is important to realize that in our business environment today we will be encountering many different people from different cultures and one oh crap can ruin many at a boys. We must do our best to cater to our target demographic and understand that it goes far beyond who the president is. Think about it instead of posting your political views post how you are being of value and service to others. If you began to spend more time on your marketing to your diverse target audience instead of worrying who the president was you would see an increase in your sales.

Forget The President and start putting yourself out in the community. I did this today as I sat in my local Starbucks writing blog entries and promoting Relay For Life. I started to speak to someone and she donated $5. I find that it is important to get out and share who you are and what you do with others as you never know who you might engage and how you can be of service and value to one another. You know what sharing who you are and what you do with others has nothing to do with who the president is. What matters is that you are promoting your business and getting people to know you, like you, and trust you so they will do business with you.

There are three things a president can do pocket veto, veto, or approve a bill. Even if he vetoes a bill it can be overridden with a 2/3 vote of congress so again as a business owner it is important to forget the president and look at the legislation and see how it affects you. I say don’t spend too much time worrying or posting your thoughts spend the time marketing to your target audience so as to increase your revenue while strengthening your brand.

 It is said that sharing is caring but in the case of who is president it can hurt you in the pocket-book if you share who support. Make sure that you are careful what you post about your political views because in today’s marketplace political views are trending to divide instead of unify. The key is to forget the president and build your business. Stay Positive Today!!! Namaste!!!


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