Advertisement Ideas: Wake Up And Be Open To Receive!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Wake Up And Be Open To Receive!!!

This entry was inspired by my recent foray back into to The Sports Apparel and Memorabilia Business. I worked with two companies that had the potential to be million dollar sales companies and grow. Unfortunately at one company there was an owner who thought he knew more than everyone else and at the other there was a manager that would tell you why things couldn’t work.  One of the aspects of business that I have learned over the years is to always get input from your employees especially from those that are very knowledgeable about the industry. I have  worked with several people to help them excel and those who listened to my input and took positive action have found success. I believe if you are going to make a profit in any business you must know the business and be in tune with all the current trends in the business. I have also learned that you must be true and authentic when dealing with people. The reason that you may be holding onto to merchandise is that you have items that are not in demand or that you are not marketing properly or that your staff is not engaging the customer.

When an employee comes to you in your sports business and says there is a growing trend toward throwback jerseys you should look into that and have a plan of action to carry the jerseys that people are looking for not jersey that you ordered at the end of the season that people aren’t looking for at that time. The key is to be open to receive new ideas and to implement them with a solid marketing plan. It was funny because one of the places decided to spend $2000 on plaques that had already been in the hands of two other companies that didn’t sell instead of taking the $2000 and buying up to date in demand merchandise. Imagine had the owner taken the $2000 and bought some popular throwback jerseys and advertised in the community that they had the jerseys what might have been. He chose not to do this and is still sitting on cases of plaques that are taking up space and not moving. 

Part of being open to receive is to rely on the input from the employees who work your store everyday. One of the managers at the store where I worked decided to order these soccer ball tote bags, which were very cute but expensive by retail tote standards. When I asked the owner why they purchased these when you have 5 Below, Office Depot, Tilly’s and other stores selling back packs for a lot less. I was told oh because they are unique and different. I asked how are we going to market them I was told by having them on display at the store. Since they came and since I left the company I understand they sold 2 of these. In retail especially in The Sports Apparel and Memorabilia industry you must have items that have a quick turnover. Again instead of ordering this item they could have been open to receive the idea of getting more youth and ladies items and investing in advertising. The idea is to be open to receive from those in the know that can maximize your exposure and turn product over quickly.

 When you decide on an advertising strategy make sure you are open to receive ideas from those who have designed effective campaigns that work for you so that the return on your investment will exceed projections. It was interesting I suggested that one of the stores advertise in the community sports page and clipper magazine with featured items and instead they ran one ad in a publication that not many were familiar with one time and then didn’t place another ad. The one store also advertised with a magazine given out at the stadium and handed out fliers at the stadium. This didn’t generate much return. I explained to the owner that the reason it wasn’t working is that people going to games are focused on the game and are prepared to buy apparel and memorabilia at the stadium. One of the stores moved and didn’t send out notifications about where they moved to. Since their move they haven’t advertised. Again I suggested that they go out in the community to where sports fans are and give them a reason to come to the store. One of the businesses doesn’t even have a website. This is what amazes me about people who own businesses and do not take suggestions from others. Remember the day you think you know everything is the day you start to lose everything.





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