Advertisement Ideas: Jump To It!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Jump To It!!!

The key in business is to make your customer’s experience so good that when they see you are doing a special campaign or project that they jump to it and come to you every time they seek the type of product or service that you offer.  It is important that each time they see your name in an advertisement that they think oh I need to get to that business or I plan to attend that event. The idea is to create such an awesome experience that they become customers for life. Advertising is a great way to enhance their experience by offering specials that you can track and  rewarding existing customers for their business. Remember you spent time and money to acquire the customer now you must do what you can to retain the customer. If you are going to continue to build your customer base you need to have  great brand awareness and recognition while also creating a buzz about your business giving people a reason to continue to shop with you. In all my retail experience I have made it a point to create good relationships with customers realizing that one oh shit will ruin one thousand at a boys so you must avoid the oh shit moments.  Many times it is all about finding ways to enhance the customer experience so as to create customer loyalty. When I was working for a sports apparel, accessories, and memorabilia store I greeted  the customer and asked questions so that I could facilitate a sale so that when they came back or we had a item from their team I could show them and build rapport.


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