Advertisement Ideas: Listen Up!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Listen Up!!!

As I turned in my key after being let go by Sinbad Sports I started to think that it was time to listen up and pay attention to the signs that GOD was delivering. I found myself like the character Billy Jack as I have become a tin soldier in the fight to help businesses grow. I have run into some obstacles like stubborn business owners who think they know everything and have not realized that the day you think you know everything is the day you start to lose everything. In my 40 years of marketing, sales, advertising, media relations, public relations, and non-profit experience I have found that many of those in ownership roles and leadership roles do not listen and as a result leave a lot of money on the table. The really good business owners gather input from their employees and value that the employees may have a better feel for what the consumer seeks. The key is to listen up and not take anything personally when an employee comes to you with something that makes sense. When an employees sees what the trends in the market place and comes to you with the trends you as a business owner should be aware and formulate a plan that will help you strengthen your brand and increase your revenue by staying ahead of the trends.
As a business owner it is important to listen to your employees especially the employees who have a working knowledge of the industry and a proven track record of success. When you find an employee who truly has a dedication to your business make sure you are listening and keeping that employee happy for if you let them go they may just go out and follow their dreams and become your competitor and thus take business away from you. When customers are bragging about an employee and tell you that the reason they are coming to the store is that particular employee don’t say oh they would have come any way as it is the merchandise not the employee that they are coming for. Remember people do business with people they know, like, and trust and if an employee is cultivating those customer relationships you keep them and you listen to them. When you empower an employee and allow them to thrive your business will grow and your revenue will increase.
Many times a business owner doesn’t realize what they had until it is gone. I remember being let go by Footlocker and hearing from an employee a few months later our sales haven’t been the same since you left. I was responsible for an average of $10,000 a week from February 2003 – January 2004. I even had the chance to present my sales techniques to other managers and assistant managers. The lesson I gave was a simple one engage with your customers and make them repeat customers. Sometimes it is necessary to put up with an employees flaws because that employee can be one of the leaders in strengthening your brand and increasing your revenue. It is important to understand that the employee that builds rapport with customers, promotes your store even when off the clock, that helps other employees, and builds sales is an asset and if taken care of properly will exceed revenue goals.

After you decide to listen up to the employee and implement their ideas then it is time to go out and shout it out loud letting your desired target audience know who you are, what you do, what great up to date merchandise you have, and why they should come buy from you. When you decide to check your ego at the door and listen up you will see that your business begins to thrive and that the income it generates is more than you had planned for it to generate.
It is important to listen up and be a difference maker and if you have a difference maker in your employment allow them to continue to make a difference. If that employee cares more about the business than you do simply sit back give them a budget to purchase and to market and then sit back and reap the benefits of  having a caring employee who treats the business as their own.

As you begin to listen up to your employees take a moment to mediate and create an open mind ready to receive abundance. As you listen and mediate heed the messages that are being delivered and be prepared to listen to all the messages that are being delivered around you. It is time to listen up. Stay Positive!!!





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