Advertisement Ideas: The Power Of Goodwill!!!


Advertisement Ideas: The Power Of Goodwill!!!

 In business there is a very intangible component that is hard to measure called goodwill. It is a simple act of making your customer happy or serving the community. It is hard to measure as some goodwill is done without fan fare and you never know the power of goodwill until it someone mentions that they heard about what you did for a charity or how you went out of your way for a customer. The power of goodwill is amazing and can lead to increased brand awareness and revenue. In sacrificing a profit today by doing goodwill you will increase future profits.

The other day I had a customer come into Sinbad Sports located at 2164 S. University Drive in The Tower Shops next to Best Buy in Davie, FL and they asked about The Nike Vapor Knit Gloves as their son needed gloves to match his school uniform. I told them they are normally $100 but I could sell them to them for $75. They came back the next day and bought the gloves. The following day one of the players teammates came to the store and bought a pair. I gave him the same deal. Now word is getting around and I anticipate selling The Seahawks gloves out. In giving a little I was able to move a product that had been stagnant. It is in extended goodwill and extending excellent customer service that you drive sales. Remember people will forget what you said or did but they will remember how you made them feel. In extending goodwill to all you create customers who will share their positive experience and thus you will exceed your revenue goals.

 Recently Sinbad Sports hosted Reshad Jones, Safety of The Miami Dolphins. As a result we had a few footballs to give away. One was presented to the winner of a contest we sponsored on WQAM and another was given to The Divas For The Cure of The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Pembroke Pines to use in a fundraiser. As a result of this goodwill we received some publicity that drove people to come to the store to shop. In doing goodwill the word gets a round and people begin to support your business.

 I recently posted this picture in The Die Hard Miami Dolphins Fans Group letting people know it was available at Sinbad Sports for $4.99 (normally $12.99). I had an out-of-state fan ask if we could ship it. I said yes and absorbed the shipping cost. People asked why I would do that as it will lose money after paying for the shipping. My answer was goodwill as the customer will hang the flag on her wall and people will ask where she bought it and she will say Sinbad Sports. Here is their website or here is their number 954-351-3497.  She may also visit the website and see some of the memorabilia and decide she wants to place an order. In using the power of goodwill you will increase the chances to build your customer base and thus increase your revenue.

In an act of goodwill Sinbad Sports has been giving out these Breast Cancer Awareness Pins. As a result people have been coming to the store and making purchases. In doing good deeds and spreading goodwill the store is getting known and more and more people are doing business with us. As a result of supporting charities Sinbad Sports has seen an increase in sales. I share this with you to show you the power of goodwill.


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