Spiritual Emcee: Learning From Defeat


As I watched The USA face Japan in The Women’s World Cup Final I was intrigued by both teams and amazed at the resolve of The Japanese players who kept trying to move the ball up to score and they they tied the game and continued looking to score. In Penalty kicks the Japanese goalie made some incredible saves. This victory lifted up an entire nation that has gone through so much. As The USA was defeated those who watched learned not to play what is being refered to as stall-ball, sitting on a lead. I have been invoved in all types of athletic events as a player, a coach, and an announcer. 90% of the games I was involved in where stall ball (credit Life Coach Denny Coates with this term) tactics were involved were lost by the team implementing these tactics. This led me to ask the question where is stall-ball being played in your life, where are you being conservative when you should be agressive. What is holding you back from moving forward?

Think for a moment and think and then make the list of what can be done to overcome the stall-ball tactics?

1: Instead of saying I have to do something say I get to do something

2:  Instead of  dwelling on what went wrong in the game or on the project evaluate and tweek accordingly

3: Think of the defeats in your life and what they have taught you.

Sometimes a loss is a great tool as it teaches us to do things differently. I remember losing out on a sale a few years ago and I asked the potential customer why they chose the competitor and they said price was the main factor. A few weeks later I stopped in and asked how his ad was performing and he said it wasn’t working. I asked to see the ad and it was missing key elements. I spent a few moments and then went to my office had a spec ad made and then  went back to the business and the person tried my paper and each week I asked how the ad was doing and he said great. I learned that sometimes overcoming the price objection can lead to a victory. The elements your ad should have are:

1: A  Great Headline

2: An Attractive Offer

3: Color and a Graphic Hook

4: An Expiration Date

5: Name, Address, and Phone Number.

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