Advertisement Ideas: Running The Curve!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Running The Curve!!!

 As in track and field in business winning or losing can be determined by how well you run the curve. In business you need to stay ahead of the field by aggressively running the curve knowing what the consumer desires. Having a plan to run the curve is tantamount to how successful your business will be.  As you run the curve you must have an advertising and marketing plan so that when you emerge from the curve you are ahead of the pack and poised to be a leader in your industry. When running the curve look at what major events are happening that your target audience is following and design an ad campaign that will entice them to do business with you.

Many people who are your customers are focused on The Olympics right now, If you are to stay ahead of the curve you will want to tie in some type of Olympic theme into your advertising. If there is an Olympian from your area run an ad that congratulates them on making The Olympics and offer a discount in their honor. If you have a business where it would be conducive to watch TV  you should set up a TV and play The Olympics and run a special while The Olympics are on. The promotional opportunities are endless as you can host your own type of Olympics with special events where you will engage your clients/customers.

Another great way to run the curve and come out on top of your competition is to revolve specials around sports seasons. The NCAA and NFL Football seasons start in September and by having an advertising and marketing campaign that revolves around football season leading up to Bowl games and The Super Bowl you can tap into customers who have a rooting interest in certain teams. You can do specials like PAPA JOHN’S does where if the home team wins they give the customer 50% off of a Pizza. The key to running the curve effectively is to be creative and promote your business.

One of the greatest ways to effectively run the curve is to share who you are and what you do with others giving them a reason to do business with you and to refer business to you. It is not about you knowing the person but knowing who they know as their contacts may benefit from the products or services that you offer. When you network think of what problem you solve for the person you are meeting. In my case I solve the problem of them needing a professional voice to present their business or the need to get a gift for someone who is a sports fan. I solve these two problems by lending my professional voice to their voice mails, their websiteas , their videos or any other promotion where a professional voice is needed. I solve their gift giving problems as I work for Sinbad Sports located at 2164 S. University Drive in The Tower Shops next to best Buy in Davie, FL and we have sports apparel, memorabilia, and accessories.


 The best thing you can do when running the curve is to make sure your customer service is incredible. As a retail salesperson I make it a point to greet the customer with in 5 -10 seconds of them entering the store, engaging with them, and showing them some merchandise that they may be interested in. When they get ready to check out I suggest other items. 80% of the time when I suggest another item they add it on to their order. The key is to give the customer/client what they are looking for.

If you are to successfully run the curve I suggest you follow this pyramid of success as presented by John Wooden.


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