Advertisement Ideas: Always Be Closing!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Always Be Closing!!!

The language might be a bit harsh but the message is very important because if you are not closing deals and continuing to create new customers/clients while retaining your existing customers/clients you will find yourself chasing money and feeling unfulfilled. Everywhere you go you should make it a priority to share who you are and what you do with people as you never know where business may come from thus sharing is a vital component to your success. Make sure you stand out in all you do and always be closing.

Advertisement Ideas: The Steps To Always Be Closing!!!

 The first thing you must do to become a great closer is you must believe that you can close. So many people leave money on the table simply because they do not make the ask. 

 Ask open ended questions.  In retail instead of asking can I help you as what is it you are looking for today? Instead of asking can I ring you up for that say let me put that at the register while you choose other items.  If you are at a networking event engage people by finding out some information about them and plant the seeds so when you go for the close you increase your chances of closing.

Always have promotional materials with you as you never know when the opportunity to close a deal will present itself. Every position I have ever held be it retail sales person or public address announcer for a sports team or volunteer for a charity I have always made it a point to have promotional materials to give to people.

 Get connected and be of service and value to those you are networking with so as to create an ever flowing pipeline of leads that will turn into clients/customers.


Answer the question of what problem do you solve. In many cases when you can become the problem solver you will become an excellent closer.

Advertisement Ideas: Always Be Closing: A Case Study!!!

 As the frequent readers of this blog know I work at Sinbad Sports located at 2164 S. University Drive in The Tower Shops Next to Best Buy in Davie.  One of my duties is to work with the staff so that they turn browsers into buyers. I have taught them to great the customer with in 10 seconds of them entering the store, to ask questions, show merchandise, and close the sale. The other night a couple came in seeking a gift for a friend that is a Steelers fan. This was right in my wheel house as the store has a plethora of Steelers Merchandise. I had shown them almost every Steelers item we had and then I finally showed them The Steelers Sportula and they agreed decided to buy that and then they found other items and they spent nearly $80. As my owner walked into the store and saw what I was doing he asked me how I did that. I waited for the customer to leave and I told him I showed them many Steelers Items and they finally broke down and pulled the trigger.  I solved the problem of them needing a gift and thus made a sale.

Advertisement Ideas: The Closer’s Mindset!!!

In baseball the closer comes in to to preserve the win by thinking that no one will get a hit off of him. In sales you have to think that you can get everyone to say eventually say yes and put all of your excuses aside and overcome all of their objections. When a customer says oh I am just browsing I counter with what are you specifically browsing for, if they say I don’t know I counter with what team do you like if they continue to brush me off I say okay feel free to look around and when you are ready to make a purchase please let me know. In doing this I have been able to turn many a browser into a buyer and to have them come back and buy more merchandise. You must believe that you have the ability to close everyone and then realize some will, some won’t, so what, some waiting, next.  Another key element to having a closer’s mindset is to know that a no today is not a no forever.

Make sure everyday you wake up to go to work that you have winning as a top priority. What is winning for you? I think the key to closing is to adopt this as a motto let me win but if I can not win let me be brave in the attempt. Stay Positive!!!


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