Advertising Ideas: Why Be Normal?


Advertising Ideas: Why Be Normal?

I believe God wants you to know…

…that normal is not something to aspire to, it’s something
to get away from.

Jody Foster said that, and she was right. Never settle
for normal. Never. Normal is not natural. Extraordinary
is natural. Who do you think you are, anyway…?

What will you do today that is extraordinary? Plan it.
Think it through. And do it. All the angels in heaven
are waiting. And even if you ‘fail’, it will have been an
extraordinary effort. That qualifies as extraordinary.

As I reviewed my email  and the above message I began to think why be normal?  As I began to think how this related to business I thought about those who are above the norm in their marketing and promotion and those who are still conforming to traditional methodologies. I have found those that stay ahead of the curve and are forward in their thinking are the ones who have the most success while those who conform to the norm lag behind and try to play catch up. If you truly want to grow your business and increase your revenue you must be willing to take risks and stand out while getting away from what is considered normal.


Many that read this blog on a regular basis know that I am a proponent of doing things differently. An example of this is my wearing this jersey with the purple Chuck Taylor Converse All Star Sneakers that say BEAT CANCER With the New Era Relay Cap. I do this so I stand out and can start a conversation that will lead to people want to do business with me and supporting the cause. Today at WRPBiTV while taping my TV Show, The Anything Bucket, which airs on www.wrpbitv.com on Tuesday at 6:30 PM a guest commented about my sneakers and I was able to share with her the story behind the sneakers and The American Cancer Society Relay For Life. It is when you stand out that you can open up doors that other wise would have been shut. As you step outside of the norm and do thing differently you will begin to see that you grow both personally and professionally.  I was wearing my purple sneakers out one day and a young lady stopped me to ask where she could get a pair and I said I made them at www.converse.com  and I told her my story and she gave me a $5 donation for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life. I gave her my card as well and told her about me working at Sinbad Sports located at 2164 S. University Drive in The Tower Shops next to Best Buy in Davie, FL a few days later she was in the store buying a hat for her dad. This is why you must find different ways to share who you are and what you do with others for you never know how sharing will lead to business.

I stress share with anyone who is with in 3 feet of you. This may not be the norm but it works. I was at the laundromat recently and I shared with a women that I work at Sinbad Sports and I gave her a promo card and told her o would take 15% off of her purchase. She cam in and bought on of the JUICEUP14 hats. This is a sale that would not have been made if I didn’t share who I was and where I worked. How many sales are you missing as you conform and do not share with people. How much business are you losing by conforming.

Advertising Ideas: Why Be Normal? A Case Study!!!

As many of you are aware I am very involved in The American Cancer Society Relay For Life and I am very passionate about my fundraising.  A few weeks ago on a Friday I decided to stop by one of my local restaurants/sports bar to collect donation. I asked the GM if I could collect by going table to table and he said yes and one patron got upset and complained and the owner called the local ACS office and voiced their concern. The executive director told me this was not good to which I replied I had gotten permission from the GM. This led to a whole discussion as to how she would feel if someone approached her while she was eating to ask for a donation and how I would react. I could understand how she felt and told her okay. I did collect $34 in the 10 minutes I went table to table. The executive director thought having a table and handing out literature would have been more effective. By doing things a bit differently I raised $1270.35 and finished as The #5 fundraiser for The Sunrise Relay.  I was also told by a committee member that collecting at The 4th of July Fireworks was not appropriate to which I said why not people will give and it gives us an opportunity to share Relay with  more people thus engaging the community. In doing things that others see as not normal I have been able to raise over $35,000 in my 17 years of involvement with Relay For Life. I have also been able to sign up teams and secure sponsors because all I did was ask.  Some may say that my methods are a bit out there to which I reply yes but they get results.

Break out from the norm and excel!!!



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