Advertisement Ideas: Assert Your Talents!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Assert Your Talents!!!

I have often stated that when you can find a good mix between spirituality and business you will be rewarded. It is when you use your talents for good that you begin to be rewarded. In coming from a spiritual base you will have those who will not understand you and will do all they can to block you from success. In business when you begin to conduct yourself driven by spiritual laws you will see that not only does your business life improve your personal life also improves. It is when you use your talents that you are prospered.  So many people have talents that they do not assert because of coming from a place of lack instead of a  place of abundance. I witness daily so many talented people who can be doing better financially if they would only realize that they have a talent that the world wants. I have seen so many people work from fear that they never thrive and are in the same place today as they were a year ago. I have observed many businesses go out of business because they didn’t use their talents to better themselves and others.

One of my talents is the ability to speak to total strangers and engage them in conversation. I have been able to use this talent now going on 17 years for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life. Sometimes my fearless approach brings on some complaints because people don’t know my story and many don’t want to hear my story or many don’t understand that using my talent in this manner works for me. I ask you how many people have you shared your business with today, how have you promoted your talent, how have you built value.  In using my talent over the last 16 years in this manner I have been able to raise over $35,000 for The American Cancer Society. In the course of doing this I have managed to have my fair share of complaints because when you do things differently others will not understand. There are those that say I am too over the top or that this is not the way to fundraise. I always look to see how they are using their talents and improving their personal, professional, and spiritual lives. I then take a deep breath and realize that they haven’t come to the understanding that it is okay to assert your talents.

In asserting your talents and building value in your products and services you will encounter haters. As many of you who read this blog on a regular basis know I host a TV Show, The Anything Bucket, which airs on WRPBiTV on Tuesday at 6:30 PM EDT.Part of my everyday routine is to share the opportunity to be a guest with those I come in contact with so to help them to share their talents and maximize their message. Recently I approached a business that also sponsored Relay For Life and I thanked then for supporting Relay and invited them to be on my TV Show. You would have thought I burnt down their business by their reaction when they called the People Lead of Relay to complain. I was called on the carpet for this and told not to contact sponsors about my TV Show. My answer was okay. I would have thought that the People Lead would have told the sponsor yes that is Jonathan JDOGG Lederman and he is a volunteer with Relay who also hosts a TV Show and was inviting you to be a guest on his show as an added value to your sponsorship.  As I was being chastised for promoting my TV Show and looking to be of service and value I realized that not everyone will understand the importance of being on a TV Show and sharing their talents with potential clients/customers. It just shows you how different people react when you assert your talents.  I simply told the Sunrise Relay Lead okay I won’t approach sponsors and won’t use your Relay as a platform for guests for my TV Show, which by the way reaches over 50,000 viewers each week. I would have thought that people would have been pleased to have an opportunity to be interviewed by a skilled and talented host  who helps others to excel.  I have come to the conclusion That many do not have a clue about advertising and marketing and simply are trying to survive and have nothing better to do that to complain. What if instead of complaining about me inviting that business to be a guest on my TV Show, the Anything Bucket, that business called some media outlets to tell them about how they are giving back tot he community. This would have been more productive for that business.  Maybe instead of chastising and possibly losing a volunteer of 16 years The American Cancer Society should realize that there will be those who complain and that it is important to back up those who are asserting their talents and accept that sometimes those who do things differently are the ones who get the greatest results.

 Look for ways to use your talents so as to drive business to you as you create a brand awareness so that when people seek your products or services they come to you instead of going to a competitor. Think of ways to capitalize on your talents and to maximize your message so that you create customer loyalty through effective customer service and marketing. In using cayuse marketing as part of your marketing strategy you can assert your talents and thus increase revenue while strengthening your brand. As you assert your talents and network and pay it forward you will see that you experience more successes.  In showing your talents on social media and soliciting business you will see more people attracted to you so you will reap what you sow and you will be rewarded. In asserting your talents and using tag lines and testimonials that give you edification in the market place you will see an increase in your business and you will build traffic. Think about it instead of complaining embrace the people and ideas that come into your business and give you a  chance to assert your talents.

 Ask yourself how you will assert your talents and use them for the greater good? Stay Positive!!!


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