Advertisement Ideas: You Can’t Please Everyone!!!


Advertisement Ideas: You Can’t Please Everyone!!!

I have come to learn that you could take what you believe to be great actions and achieve excellent results but that you will still have people who complain. Such was the case recently when I went to Legends on a Friday Night to collect donations for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life.I asked the GM for permission to go table to table and ask the patrons he said yes and I ended up collecting $34 in about a 30 minutes. I found out today that some patrons complained and that the owner called The American Cancer Society to complain that this hurt his business. I was told I should have arranged to set up a table and allow patrons to come to me. I explained that on that night it was a spur of the moment to go and collect. I can understand that the owner would be upset as a few customers complained. What he didn’t see was how many people showed appreciation and the one women who was helped because I gave her the 1-800-acs-2345 number for her to call to get support as her husband was recently diagnosed with cancer. What the executive director and event lead didn’t see was that many people now have brochures and may support relay. I learned a long time ago that your actions are not going to please everyone and that some will, some won’t, so what, some waiting, next.

In being authentic and not being afraid to speak my mind and take action I have managed to raise the ire of some people while I have also been able to motivate and inspire others. I have learned that when you do thing on your terms and your way you are not going to please everyone.  This is why when I work with clients I ask them to define their niche market as not everyone will be your customer. As you do things and take action you are going to have some people who have nothing better to do than to complain.In the business sector today there is a tendency to focus on the complaints as the trend is to complain instead of to praise. I was at Starbucks one day and they are a National Corporate Partner with The American Cancer Society and one lady complained to the manager about me having my canister on my table. The manager said I can not have the canister on my table any more. I found this odd as I am a regular customer and the lady that complained hasn’t been back since that day.  What has happened and what is wrong with the corporate and non-profit sector is that they have begun to major in the minor and try to please everyone and as a result are leaving money on the table.

To many times we are so worried about protecting the brand or what people will think that we miss out on opportunities to grow and expand. I fully understand that when I am out doing my volunteer work with The American Cancer Society that I am a reflection of their brand and they have a lot at stake as they have become a multi million dollar a year non-profit organization. I have come to realize that one oh shit will ruin 1000 at a boys. I have also come to understand that you will not please everyone so just do what you do and let everything flow as it may. In the 1 hour of chastising me the executive director could have been on the phone or out in the field  securing more support.  It is important to realize that there are going to be complainers regardless of what you do.  I have seen it all to often so the idea is to just do what you do and allow thing to flow as they may.

Simply be who you are and understand that when you are doing it your way you will have those that just do not understand.

In doing it my way I have managed to raise over $35,000 for The American Cancer Society. I must be doing something right. At the end of the day all that matters is that you pleased yourself and that you honored GOD. You owe it to yourself to stop trying to please everyone.

Simply do you express yourself and when you market be bold and understand that you are not going to please everyone. There will always be those who will not get you but those meant to do business with you and support your cause will be directed to you.  Stay Positive!!! Namaste!!!



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