Advertisement Ideas: Slow Down and Do Things Differently!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Slow Down and Do Things Differently!!!

As I watched John Kasich speak about finishing #2 in New Hampshire and heard him talk about slowing down I couldn’t help but think how many business people are going so fast that they are missing out on opportunities. As he completed his speech and challenged the audience to slow down and get to know people I immediately though what a novel idea especially for those involved in retail. When I work in the store Celebrity Sports in Plantation, FL I make it a point to greet every customer and to engage with them so that I can get to know them understanding that even if they do not buy something on that day they may come back and buy an item because they will remember how they were treated. In all of my retail positions I have held I have subscribed to the idea that everyone who walks through the door can be of service and value in some way so take time to help everyone. I also have this attitude when some one calls me as I answer my phone hello this is Jonathan JDOGG Lederman how can I be of service and value to you. I have found that by slowing down and doing things a bit differently that I have had success. When I was hired in March of 1988 at Oaktree I made it a point to treat everyone with respect who entered the store. As a result I became the top salesman in the country for this men’s clothing store. I went from Oaktree to Meryl Harmon’s Fan Fair  and I took sales from $400 a day to over $2500 per day simply by getting to know people and making everyone feel special. Over the years I have used this same philosophy of slowing down and doing things differently in my fundraising activities and a s a result I have been successful.

It is when you slow down and start to do things differently that you are met with success and have a groovy feeling come over you.  Sometimes it is simply a matter of showing gratitude for those coming into your business and finding ways to be of service and value. In many cases it is just a matter of looking for something unique to do to draw customers to you. I suggested to my manager that we do a Ballon-a-Paloza promotion where we would put balloons throughout the store and when people spent at least $25 they would pop a balloon and they could receive a discount or an inexpensive item that we put on a piece of paper in the balloon. he said oh those one shot deals don’t work.  He didn’t do that and is still say I need buyers not browsers and nothing is working. I don’t argue as it would be like wrestling a pig in the mud we both would get dirty but the pig would enjoy it.  The point being that sometimes to move forward you must slow down and do things differently.

When we slow down and begin to find different ways of doing things we find success.  When we come up with a new concept we must advertise and promote it so that  potential customers will find us and current customers will keep coming back. I was in Celebrity Sports on Saturday, 2/6/2016 and I had a great day as I had many sales because instead of just taking about items to the customers I walked them to the  items  and allowed them to start asking questions. One customer like the Dwayne Piece which is normally $249 and asked if I could do better I said I could sell it to her for $220 she asked could I do it for $200 I said sure I’ll sell it to you for $199 she bought the piece and I gave her a signed Tyler Johnson from The Miami Heat Photo. My next customer came in and asked about The Evil Knievel Piece and if I could do better than $399 I said sure I’ll take 20% off he bought that piece and then saw the 3 Stooges Puppets for $400 and asked if I could do 20% off on them as well I said yes he bought them so all totaled that sale was $641. That was a great day. Some days are slow in the store so I get on social media and give people a reason to come to the store sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but it beats sitting there and complaining. It is when you slow down and create opportunities that you develop sales. So this week slow down and do things differently.





  1. Jonathan,

    I have personally seen you walk your talk. You have slowed down and, when we talked, you definitely helped me to feel listened to, understood and appreciated. You are so right about the importance of slowing down – and of having patience, not expecting everything to go your way and everyone to become a client or customer immediately.

    Dr. Erica
    Dr. Erica Goodstone recently posted..Imagine Love Everywhere Always

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