Advertisement Ideas: Banging For Business!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Banging For Business!!!

This is an open door that leads to opportunity. I have learned over the years that if you bang on enough doors and you say persistent in your pursuit you will develop customers/clients and thus you will continue to have success in all you do. When was the last time you went out into the community and sought people to share your product  or services with so as to generate leads and keep an active pipeline going?  One of the best things I have done in working with non-profit entities as well as with for profit businesses has been to include going door to door as part of the strategic marketing plan. In going business to business to solicit donations for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life over the last 16 years I have raised over $35,000. I have also been able to secure more teams for Relays in the communities where I live, work, and play. As a representative of several companies I have found going business to business with brochures to be very effective as it helps to build name recognition and gives you a distinct advantage when you follow-up. If you are not banging for business you need to incorporate this practice into your 2016 plans.

When you bang for business it is important to utilize your phone and to make calls to set up appointments with people so that you can have the opportunity to show them how you can be of service and value to them. You phone can be a great tool to bang for business as you can post photos to social media from it, make videos and share them across all social media platforms, text message potential customers/clients with special offers, set up an application to interact with existing clients/customers and potential clients/customers.  

Many people shy away from cold calling and as a result miss out on many opportunities. When you are banging for business you need to embrace cold calling. As The Host of The Anything Bucket,an internet TV Show that airs on on Tuesday at 6:30 PM EST, I cold call on many occasions seeking guests to interview for my show. I pick up magazines and newspapers and I begin to target guests. Before I pick up the phone I know what I  am going to say and how I am going to target the potential guest. A great example is the time I cold called a printing company. I called them and introduced my self  and stated I was doing segments on the importance of marketing and branding and selected them as someone to be a guest on my show. It worked and they booked the appointment. They came to the studio, did the interview, and purchased the clip. They used the clip in their marketing and picked up 2 new clients. Sometimes our best method of client/customer procurement is cold calling.  As regular readers of this blog know I collect donations for Relay for Life by going business to business and have been very successful. many time when collecting donations it is the first time I am seeing the decision maker. Such was the case years ago when I went to canvas Mizner Park in Boca Raton as I went into an optometrist office to seek a donation. He asked what type of donation I was looking for and I stated whatever you are comfortable with. He went and wrote a check for $100. I have had this happen on a few other occasions as a result have utilized cold calls effectively. Last year I raised nearly $3000 and I would attribute 80% of that to cold calling. Remember what may be cold today with a smile and some warmth becomes hot tomorrow.

When banging for business it is important to have a social media presence that leads to a high conversion rate. It is important to engage current clients/customers and potential clients/customers. You should be doing posts that are relevant, entertaining, and resonating with a call to action.  I recently commented on a post about someone who earned a large commission and I asked them to spread the worth by visiting and make a donation to help create a world with less cancer and more birthdays. It turned out his daughter is a cancer survivor and he visited the site and donated $100.  I have used social media to secure in-kind donations as well. I have even secured a few voice over and emcee gigs through social media. The key is to have a strong presence that effectively represents who you are and what you giving people a reason to do business with you.


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