Advertisement Ideas: Having Relations!!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Having Relations!!!

 As I went about my business today I began to think don’t people in service positions understand the importance of having relations? I went to a Walgreen’s on University Drive and McNab road in Tamarac, FL to get my blood pressure checked. I was told we don’t so that and I answered since when then the pharmacist said the machine didn’t work and that  she could get another machine and I would have to have a seat and wait. I told her I don’t have to do anything and a better way to have answered would have been sir I can help you shortly please have a seat and I will do my best to accommodate you. She said okay and I waited and guess what the machine didn’t work. I told her that is okay I will be by another Walgreen’s later and will try them. As I left I thought no wonder sales may be down at this location bad customer service. I started to think how is Walgreen’s training their people and are they aware that they are losing sales because of bad customer service or do they think they are so big that they can recoup losses that easy.  It all comes down to good customer relations. One the opposite end of the spectrum is The Walgreen’s on University Drive and Oakland Park Boulevard I am greeted and most of the employees now know me by my moniker JDOGG.  It is amazing how two stores in the same chain can have such different levels of  customer service. I support Walgreen’s and shop there because they are a National Corporate Partner of The American Cancer Society Relay For Life. This leads me to the point of the importance of good community relations.

I have encountered many businesses that just do not understand the importance of community relations and as a result wonder why they struggle. People like to do business with people they perceive to be giving back to the community. I know from a personal stand point that if your business supports my efforts with Relay For Life chances are I will use your product or services when a need arises and I will recommend others to do the same. Think about community relations as an adjunct to your marketing and the value it has. I support Starbucks because they support Relay For Life and they also support many other charities in the community. I support many businesses and promote others who have supported Relay For Life. I usually do not go to California Pizza Kitchen however they were doing a give back night for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Sunrise, FL so I went and had dinner. By California Pizza Kitchen doing this they picked up business that they normally would not have had on a Tuesday night. If your business is not tied into the community this could explain why your sales are off.  When you are seeking to build your brand and increase your cash flow remember that it is important to have relations with the community.  When you do something for the community make sure you are sending it out to the media.

As a business person or marketing director it is important to have relations with many media sources. Every day there is something media worthy happening in your company. It is your job to find the angle and to alert the media. each day you should have something going out in the media that is entertaining, relevant, and resonating. Think of some unique things you a re doing in your business that may be of interest to the section editor at a newspaper, a program manager at a radio station, or a news producer at a TV Station. There are many independent radio shows that are seeking guests as well as TV Stations like WRPBiTV that gives a platform for businesses to promote themselves.

Whatever you do and who ever you have relations with remember the importance of promoting. Look for ways to build relations with people and look at ways they can help with your promotions. I personally like to do videos for people who I have a good experience with and whose products and services I have used. When I do these I always here the same thing wow you have a great voice. Many ties by using my talents to help a business I have secured items and services that I need. Many times we think it will cost a lot to promote our business when in reality it can be as simple as offering a complimentary product or service to create brand recognition so you are on the top of the mind of the consumer when they seek your product or service.


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