Advertisement Ideas: Drawing Attention!!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Drawing Attention!!!

I have witnessed so many businesses using a cookie cutter formula and trying to copy others in the industry  and struggling when they could be thriving by standing out and drawing attention to themselves. I have always professed that being a bit different is the best way to draw attention to yourself and strengthen your brand.  I have also noticed that some will get what you are doing while others will be quick to judge. My theory is simply be your authentic self and draw attention and those meant to do business with you will show up and support you. It is when you stop trying to attract everyone that you succeed. I have always made it point to stand out  be it wearing an elf hat at Starbucks while writing blog entries or wearing my purple BEAT CANCER Sneaker or simply taking over a microphone at an event to showcase my  skills as an emcee I have always made it a point to stand out. I remember the day I decided that I was going to wear a suit and my Snoopy slippers to do a speech simply to see the audience’s reaction. I delivered the speech and many commented on how great my content was but most made a comment about The Snoopy slippers. Some of the comments were not the nicest but many were positive. The interesting thing was when I followed up with everyone even those that had negative comments about the Snoopy slippers I made it a point to remind them that I was the presenter who wore the Snoopy Slippers and you know what my reply rate was over 85% and as a result I was able to secure some voice over work, emcee work, and picked up a few marketing and media relations clients. The idea is to be a bit different and make a memorable impression and remember you will not resonate with everyone but those meant to use your services will.

Advertisement Ideas: Drawing Attention With A Platform!!!

 I host an Internet TV Show, The Anything Bucket, which airs on on Tuesday at  6:30 PM EST and this platform has proven to be a great platform for those who choose to come in and do an interview and purchase the clip of their appearance.  I tell my guests that have a clip of your appearance on The Anything Bucket will help to draw attention to your business and give you the edification and credibility that every business is seeking. Purchasing the clip is an investment in your effort to build your brand and thus stand out from others in your industry. In using a platform such as Internet TV you are drawing attention to your business and when you invest in buying the clip and leverage it properly you will gain business. I had a guest on who owns Gump Pest Control whose motto is save your rump with Gump. We did about 10 minutes and he purchased his clip and posted it across social media. He wrote me an email thanking me and stating that he picked up some customers as a result.

I am often surprised when a business person tells me they are not interested in being on my show. I used to get upset but now I use the concept of some will, some won’t, so what, some waiting, next.  I have come to the understanding that some people will not get it and will never draw attention to themselves and thus will be in the same position 5 years from now that they are in today. I had a supposed marketing professional write to me after I invited him to be a guest on my show that he was a private person and didn’t do media. I thought for a minute here he is telling people to use media but he himself doesn’t use media. I have had this scenario repeat itself many times where a professed marketer doesn’t buy their clip but is going to teach people how to market. If you are going to succeed in any business you must be willing to draw attention to yourself and thus create a buzz about your business.  The key is to find platforms that will put you on top of your target audiences mind so that when they seek your product or service they come to you before going to your competition.

Advertisement Ideas: Drawing Attention With A Unique Selling Proposition!!!!

What is your unique selling proposition? I have a very unique selling proposition as I have an excellent speaking voice that people want to use for voice overs, public address announcing, and emcee work. I also have over 30 years of marketing and media relations experience which sets me apart from others doing what I do. When you are looking to draw attention to your business you must promote what sets you apart from others. Here are some examples of those with a unique selling proposition:

 Hungry Howie’s was the first Pizza Restaurant to offer flavored crust which gave them a special niche in the marketplace.

 Regal Cinemas was the first movie theater chain to offer stadium seating and surround sound which set them apart from their competition.

Today draw attention to yourself. Namaste!!!


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