Advertisement Ideas: The Full Monty!!!


Advertisement Ideas: The Full Monty!!!

Today’s post was inspired by The Show, The Full Monty, where the cast is definitely maximum exposed. As I reflected on the idea of maximum exposure I realized just how many business people are under exposed with their marketing and media relations and how many do not even have a strategic marketing plan. It is important to put yourself out there and remember that you are your brand and how important it is to figuratively give people The Full Monty. It is imperative that you continuously are out in the community promoting yourself and the products or services you offer and how you are different from others doing what you do. It is also a priority to show people how you are of service and value and why they should be doing business with you. Many people go into business and they do not have a written plan about their marketing and media relations and then wonder why they are not being as successful as the envisioned. If you are going to exceed in business you need to have a plan and work your plan.

Advertisement Ideas: The Full Monty Formula!!!

 Know who you want to do business with and know where they get their information and what other businesses they frequent. In knowing where your audience is it will make it easier for you to build your following.

Set up a budget to print and distribute collateral material. Have a budget to do on-line marketing.  Have a budget to do video marketing. Remember that marketing is not an expense it is an investment.

There are may things that happen in your business that are newsworthy so having a strategy to get the information out to the news outlets that your target audience is watching, reading, and listening to will play a major role in strengthening your brand and increasing your revenue.

Give people a reason to do business with you by showing them the benefits and the problems you solve. Once you obtain a customer/client give them a reason to continue to do business with you.

 It is an integral part of any business to give excellent customer service at all times. The key is to remember even the most difficult customer can become an ally if they fee you treated them is a fair manner.

Listen to the people who have experience in the marketing and media relations fields that have had some  success. I have often said the day you think you know everything is the day that you begin to lose everything.

Advertisement Ideas: The Full Monty – Case Studies!!!

 During my senior year at Hofstra University in 1987 I had the opportunity to intern with The Long Island Knights of The United States Basketball League. I worked as a Community and Public Relations Intern. The first thing I did when the final schedule was approved was to contact a company tat does 11 x 17 sports schedule posters where they sell the ads and the team get a percentage of sales and 1000 posters. Once the 1000 poster were in my hands I began to put them up all around SUNY-Old Westbury the site of the gym where we would play. I was very fortunate as I had some well-known players in Michael Ray Richardson and Nancy Lieberman and a head coach in Dean Meminger( who passed in 2013) so getting the word out became easy. I also had the advantage that COORS Light was a major sponsor of the league and gave me access to Ted St. Martin, The COORS Light Sharpshooter, for a game to promote.  I was also lucky in the fact that The LIRR station was about 100 yards from the gym so each day I went tot the station with FREE tickets. Another benefit was that the team controlled the concessions at the game. I began by calling every news outlet and letting them know about the team and they were very receptive as to who we had on our team and who we had coaching the team. I then began to blanket the area with the posters and share information about the team with everyone I knew. The season started and for the first few games we drew about 250 fans then it increased to 300 fans and by the end of the year we averaged 900 fans, it didn’t hurt that one of our games was against the Rhode Island Gulls who had Mugsy Bogues, who in his own right was a big draw.  Using the idea of The Full Monty and showing ourselves in the community we were successful. I graduated from Hofstra and moved to Florida. Stay Positive!!!



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