Spiritual Entrpreneurs: How My Path Began


It was an exciting day for me the day my mom gave me The Don Miguel Ruiz Book, The Four Agreements as it started me on a spiritual path. As I delved into this book I began to get more and more curious about the idea of spirituality. I started to study people like Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and others. Today most of my library and reading consists of spiritual books.

It takes me a little longer than others to read as I have a tinge of dyslexia. This is not an issue for me anymore as I realized that this diagnosis given to me in the 4th grade was given to me to show others how you can overcome adversity with much help and support.  I have now realized that things do not happen to us they happen for us. I no longer ask why I see the opportunity for growth. My growth in spirituality has led me to attend conferences such as The Spiritual Awakening Conference, where I met Jean Adrieene, whose book Reshape Your world I am currently reading.

In March of 2012 it is my goal to host The Spiritual Entrepreneurs Visionary Awards and honor 100 people who are shifting the consciousness of their community in a positive manner.  I have observed over the last few months that many of  spiritual entrepreneurs I encounter need assistance  to get media attention. As a result I have decided to offer my skills as a media specialist to them. One person I am assisting is Nuella Joseph of Jardin Spirituel:

If you google Spiritual Entrepreneurs you will notice many listed. If you click on the Hay House link you will find more spiritual entrepreneurs. To me a spiritual entrepreneur is someone who is of service and helps people to enhance their personal and professional life. My path continues and along the path I have had the pleasure to give back to others, serving in The U.S. Peace Corps, emceeing charitable events, and sharing with others.

Sharing a smile and surrounding myself with positive energy has become a daily walk in my path to help others. The work you are doing as a spiritual entrepreneur is important. Here are some pointers to help you promote yourself. To connect with other spiritual entrepreneurs check out the facebook group, spiritual entrepreneurs.

1: Make a media list and build rapport with media contacts

2: Use a 3 foot rule if someone is within 3 feet of you share with them

3: Write everyday-

4: Attend Networking Events

5: Record yourself and post the recording

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