Advertisement Ideas: Get With The Program!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Get With The Program!!!

 When I was kid I would here this phrase quite often as many of the activities that I was involved in were very structured. As I got older and started to venture into the world of marketing, advertising, media relations, and public relations I began to realize that many business people did not understand the importance of these areas and as a result struggled and eventually closed their doors because they did not get with the program. Today as I present opportunities to businesses and non-profit I hear many programmed responses like I don’t have  a budget or I am not interested. There have been many times that I wanted to reach through the phone grab the person on the other end and simply yell GET WITH THE PROGRAM!!!  I have encountered many people in positions of authority who simply do not get it and then wonder why their sales are down. Such was the case yesterday as I called the sales manager at Lou Bachrodt Chevrolet in Coconut Creek who I had been leaving messages for about The South Florida Gold, a professional basketball team that plays in The American Basketball Association. When I left messages I explained the relationship I had with the dealership and he didn’t return the call. He picked up the phone yesterday and after I introduced myself his answer was I am not interested. I replied sorry to hear that I can really be of service and value to you and I have been a customer of Lou Bachrodt for many years. He then said I don’t have a budget as I allocated all my advertising dollars. I replied I just want to meet with you to see how we can be of service and value to one another. His reply was I told you I don’t have a budget.I said okay I’ll call someone else.  

As I hung up the phone I began to think wow you are in the business of selling and servicing cars and you aren’t interested in meeting with someone who might bring you business and who has doe business with you in the past you need to wake up and get with the program.  Think about it when someone calls you that can help your business you should get with the program and listen especially of that person is a past customer/client.  I would have tailor-made a program for the dealership where for $500 fort he season  they could have been a sponsor of the team, had  cars at the game, banners in the arena, pa announcements at the games, spots on the radio show about the team, and a player appearance at the dealership.If they sold one car as a result the sponsorship pays for itself.  I share this with you to remind you that there are many opportunities to partner with organizations that can benefit your business so get with the program and listen.

 I am often taken aback when I ask questions like what is your marketing strategy, who is your desired target audience, and how are you reaching existing and potential clients/customers and the so-called entrepreneur doesn’t have the answer. This is the time when I really want to yell GET WITH THE PROGRAM.  I now that as a business owner you did not open the doors to lose money. You must have a plan and seek opportunities so that you can continue to strengthen your brand and make a profit.  If you do not plan be prepared to fail.  When someone call your business with an opportunity to help you don’t brush it off and use a programmed response and listen as you never know that person could know many people who could benefit from your products and services. The key is to get with the program and listen and then take advantage of the opportunities that resonate with you. Think about what I was offering with The South Florida Gold how would your clients/customers who like basketball feel when you gave them FREE tickets to a game or when they came into your office to see that you were a sponsor.

Advertisement Ideas: Get With The Program –   A Success Story!!!

 Dr. Maule and associates have been a sponsor for The South Florida Gold since its inaugural season and is renewing their sponsorship for 2015-2016.  When I needed new glasses where do you think I went? Yes, I went to Dr. Maule and Associates. I would never had known about Dr. Maule if not for her sponsorship of The South Florida Gold.

 It is time to get with the program and see how being a sponsor of an event, a team,  or a non-profit organization, can benefit your business especially if someone contacting you can help be an advocate for you. As you look at advertising and make advertising choices make sure your decision includes a brand awareness and revenue building component. When someone calls about advertising be cordial and open to receive as they may be a seller today but a future customer/client. Stop making excuses and find away to reach your desired target audience.  It is up to you to get with the program by being aware of opportunities that are being presented to you and how they can positively impact your business.

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