Advertisement Ideas: Spread ‘Em Wide!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Spread ‘Em Wide!!!

 When you read the headline of this entry what was your first thought? Many probably went right to the image of the police officer getting ready to put the cuffs on someone and pat them down. Most conjured up this image as we have been programmed to react in a certain way through media manipulation and the repetition of many so-called norms of our society.  When I think of  the headline spread ’em wide I think about marketing a frequent and consistent message so that when someone thinks of me they know who I am and what I do and feel comfortable about doing business with me. just as this phrase spread ’em wide conjures up a certain image or picture ask yourself what image or picture does my brand conjure up when people see it or hear it.

 Well established brands like McDonald’s and Allstate share one common thread and that is a frequent and consistent presence in the marketplace. A few years back Allstate partnered with The NCAA to sponsor the goal post nets that are put up for field goals and extra points and as a result has increased their brand awareness while also donating to scholarship funds thus creating a picture that they area company that cares about the community.  McDonald’s has sponsored many sporting events including The Olympics.

Now you may not have the budget of a McDonald’s or Allstate but you should have a budget to spread your message wide. How many times have you been approached with an opportunity to spread your message and you have found all the reason why not to take advantage of the opportunity and the you see your competition did. As a result clients/consumers may be going to the competition. 

There are opportunities all around that will allow you to spread your message wide and reach potential clients/customers. I have  found looking through social media for events where there will be welcome bags  to be very helpful in spreading my message as many are seeking items to put in the bags. I have also found looking for events where there will be a chance drawing is a good way to spread the message. Each day there is something happening n the community where you can have a presence. A great example of this was today in my community as the 2015-2016 school year started. I have  a plan to connect with The PTA Groups to offer them some fundraising opportunities that I have through my affiliation with The South Florida Gold, a professional basketball team that plays in The American Basketball Association and Celebrity Sports, The Ultimate Gift Store. In seeking opportunities where I can put tickets to games into welcome bags and give organizations season tickets to use in their chance drawings I am putting fans into the stands at The Gold games which will translate into merchandise and concession sales. In looking for charity events like GALAS and Golf Tournaments and offering them merchandise on consignment from Celebrity Sports I am able to move merchandise and promote the business. The key is to remember to spread ’em wide and build an image where the consumer/client thinks of you before they think of their competition.

Ways to Get Your Creativity GoingWhen building your brand and creating a buzz be creative and catch the desired audience’s attention. When I do speaking events I go in with an attitude to grab the audience, keep the audience, and leave the audience wanting more. This same principle applies in all aspects of advertising, marketing, branding, media relations, and public relations.  How creative are you being and what type of experience are you giving the customer/client?  I am asked all the time JDOGG  how are you able to do what you do? My answer is that I am creative and I do things that others may not do. A great example of this is with my fundraising for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life as I will attend a Food Truck Round-Up in my community with a canister in hand and literature and simply ask for donations. I have attended many events with simply a canister, Relay Fir Life information as asked for donations. I have used a 3 foot rule, which is of someone is with in 3 feet of me I will share with them by asking a question like do you know anyone touched by cancer the reason i ask is that I am raising funds to help those touched by cancer and wanted to know if you could make a donation today. When I represent The South Florida Gold I will ask do you like basketball, if they say yes I’ll give them a voucher for two free tickets or discounted tickets. When I represent Celebrity Sports I will ask if they like sports or pop culture or if they need to buy a gift for someone and then hand them a brochure. The key to spread ’em wide is to interact with people and have a purpose.  I have often stated that understanding some will, some won’t, so what, some waiting, next will help in spreading the message.  So the next time you are wondering how to strengthen your brand and build revenue remember to be creative and get out in the community and spread ’em wide.

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