Advertisement Ideas: Videos Lead to Marketing Success


Lately everywhere I go it seems I have this urge to make promos. I walk into a Starbucks and think wow a promo would be great here or I walk into Hungry Howies and tell the girl behind the counter hold the phone hit the red button and point then hit the square when I am done. This has led to many free promo videos being made to show people what I can do with my Motorala Droid X powered by Verizon. As I was making my latest video I began to think why are more people not using the technology at their disposal? It seems very easy go to www.youtube.com set up your account and start recording and uploading your videos and share them via facebook and twitter. When you visit www.youtube.com/jdogglederman you will see videos similiar to the one in this post.

Videos will increase your chance to obtain media coverage as a video helps to build credibility and when a TV Station has something to use as jumping off point they are more apt to respond.
As I continue to make promo videos I learn that you have to have the right person filming becuse many people just don’t know the nuances needed to make a high quality video.I have had my head chopped out of frames, have had people that didn’t know how to turn the camera off, I have had people laughing in the background.I have also learned to slow down and make sure your thoughts are together as if you don’t you make mistakes and do not portray the professionalism that is needed to get views. The reason I don’t edit the raw footage is that is shows you that I am a real person and this tends to reasonate with the viewer.
The great thing about making the videos is that they give you an arsenal to use to show people who you are and what you do. Another advantage is that after you meet people you can send a video as a follow up. As mentioned earlier if you have a ready made video for the media you increase your chance of getting a response.
This week as you look for marketing success make videos part of your plan and watch what happens.

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