Advertisement Ideas: Creating A Zero Balance!!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Creating A Zero Balance!!!!

 Today was tax day and I filed my taxes through Turbo Tax. I paid the $99.99 for their deluxe package and due to the fact that $15,000 of my income was non-taxable and that id did so many free gigs and donated so much to charitable causes I came out even without having to pay taxes and without receiving a refund. This had me thinking about how is all we do in business it is always great to create a zero balance.  This is so true especially in advertising for you are putting money out to build your brand and you want to at least break even on the campaign. The key is how to take the idea of creating a zero balance to your advertising and then making a profit down the line.

Advertisement Ideas: Ways To Create A Zero Balance!!!

One of the key ways to create a zero balance is to invest in your business by utilizing platforms that will reach your target audience.  WRPBiTV is one avenue you can use to create a zero balance as you can come into the WRPBiTV Studios in Boca Raton, FL on a Tuesday or Thursday to tape a segment for my TV Show, The Anything Bucket, which airs on www.wrpbitv.com on Tuesday at 6;30 PM EDT. The segment is 8 minutes and gives you an opportunity to maximize your message. WRPBiTV offers my guests an opportunity to purchase their clip for $100 which is edited with their logo and contact information. In buying their clip guests have the chance to utilize the clip across all their social media platforms, on their website, and in their emails. Having the clip gives the guest a chance for edification and credibility to be built-in the market place. People like to do business with people they know, like, and trust. Being on TV seems to create the feeling that the viewer knows you and they will like you and as a result the trust factor is increased. Think about the concept you buy the clip for $100 an d you use in your marketing campaign and you bring in $200 in sales thus creating a zero balance as you can take an advertising expense credit on your taxes as well as the cost of goods sold credit plus your expenses for the travel to and from the WRPBiTV Studios. Thus one way to create the zero balance and still turn a profit is to come to The WRPBiTV Studios to tape an interview.

 Another trend to help you create a zero balance is to advertise in the movie theater across the screens prior tot he screenings of the film. This has proven to be an effective way to spend your advertising dollars and think when it is all said and done you can deduct the expense of designing the ad, placing the ad, and all the other expenses associated with this form of advertising.

 Another great way to create a zero balance is to partner with a local pizzeria who does a tremendous delivery business and have them place your flier on their box tops. If you develop a strong enough offer you will see a return on your investment. This will also allow you to deduct the fees you pay the pizzeria, the cost of designing, printing, and distributing the fliers. This has proven to be an effective way to build your brand as most people who have utilized this as an advertising tool has seen a response rate of 1%. Think about you reach 1000 households and 10 people respond and do business with you. Depending on your product or services this type of program will help create that zero balance you are looking for as you want your cash flow and expenses to balance to zero at the end of your fiscal year.

Advertisement Ideas: Endless Possibilities To Create A Zero Balance!!!

 When it comes to creating a zero balance the possibilities are endless. look at advertising as only one aspect to create a zero balance. When you go out to eat even if you’re alone you can use that as an opportunity to promote your business and the beauty of it is you can deduct it as a business expense. You can purchase magnets for your car and then write them off as an expense. Did you know you could write the cost of your business cards off? There are so many ways to create a zero balance. I recommend that  with an advertising program you find out everything you can write off and thus create a zero balance on your books and create positive cash flow.


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