Advertisement Ideas: Customer Service Is The Key!!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Customer Service Is The Key!!!!


 As I sit in The Lou Bachrodt Chevrolet dealership in Coconut Creek, FL waiting for the repairs to be completed as a result of receiving recall notices I begin to think about the experience with Lou Bachrodt. When I came in last week I was told they couldn’t get to my car as the repairs required and I would have to come back. Today I arrived at 9:30 AM and waited until nearly 10 AM to be taken in. I told the service person that I only need the recall notices taken care of and his reply okay I guess we are not making any money on you today. If The recall repairs weren’t very necessary I would have left as a result. I am one who believes regardless if you are making money on me or not you should treat me with dignity and respect. This particular service rep is very good at what he does, however he could use some training in dealing with customers. I have always taught smile at the customer, engage the customer, and leave the customer  happy so they will share that good experience with others. As I have stated in the past one oh crap ruins 1000 at a boys. The key is to do as Dale Carnegie says is to win friends and influence people.  The fact that I knew I was going to be at the dealership all day enabled me to plan my work for the day and thus remain productive. I made plans to deliver what I promised and thus began my day at the dealership with an attitude to be of service and value to all those I come in contact with.  As I sit in the waiting area I have seen many of the employees walk by and many seem to be unhappy. This energy does not serve the dealership well an can explain why some of the customers seem unhappy as well.

 One of the employees at the dealership actually made me feel welcome as he interacted me and answered my inquiry about a power source in a very cheerful way. he was someone who gets it. He understood that what he does made a difference. Your employees can be a great form of advertising if they carry a positive attitude and interact positively with your clients.  In advertising your business make it a point to mention your customer satisfaction rate if it is high and how you do your best to make your customers happy.  The key is to deliver outstanding customer service so that when people recognize you brand it creates a buzz where people say I do business with that company and they always deliver. In creating an atmosphere focused on excellent customer service you will begin to create customer loyalty and thus enhance the customer experience. Ask yourself when you awake in the morning how can I be of service and value to those I will come in contact with today.

 If you are an individual or oversee employees it is important to remember that enthusiasm will win over current customers and attract potential new customers. Think about the way you and your staff answer the phone, how you or your staff write emails, how you and your staff interact with clients/customers. Is your business creating  a pleasant experience or an experience that leaves the customer saying if I did not have to come here I wouldn’t. Are you showing leadership in business and being of service and value or are you thinking these people are going to come to me anyway so I don’t have to do anything special? Are you coming from a position of gratitude or are you coming from a position of expectation?

 Manners are an important part of  determining how successful you will be. Manners should be part of your marketing and marketing strategy as you continue to maximize your message. From the first time that you meet someone and all the times you interact with that person you should consider that the way you act will determine how successful you will. For example today I wasn’t spending money today at the dealership however I may be spending money in the future, plus I decided to use this platform to share my story here. The point being that you never know where excellent customer service will lead.  I can assure you that poor customer service leads to a bad reputation and again you never know the reach of the person you are interacting with.

 An important aspect of customer service is using social media  to express the high level of service that you deliver by including testimonials, letters of thanks, and posting letters of gratitude to your customers.

 In her book Why Thank You, Kat Wagman expresses the importance of showing gratitude to others. A great component to include in your customer service is thank you advertising every few months to show your clients/customers appreciation for their business. In doing this you will set yourself apart from competitors that often take for granted their customers/customers and expect people to do business with them.


 It is important to remember that customer service is the key. If you are not delivering excellent service people will go elsewhere. Is it time to change the tire?


  1. To further illustrate this let me share with you an experience I had this afternoon(3/19/14) I was in The Sandlefoot Shops in West Boca Raton, FL collecting for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life. Most everyone was receptive and made a donation, I collected $25 to help create a world with less cancer and more birthdays. I had a very disheartening experience when I encounter Micheal from PC Wizards I introduced my self was told he wasn’t interested and I said okay and left. As I was leaving I was told to Get The F*** out of the store and never come back, he then proceeded to follow me next store, he called the police, and then he proceeded to yell I get Scumbags like you arrested everyday you want to hit me. I walked away and went about my business. I guess he has done this like the kid who cried wolf for the police never came and if they did I had left by the time they showed up. My point being is you never know who you may be speaking with so it pays to be nice to everyone.

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