Advertisement Ideas: Video Killed The Radio Star!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Video Killed The Radio Star!!!

 As I was sitting down to write today’s blog entry I thought of a new buzz word that I heard this week, Digital Footprint. It was at this moment that the song from The Buggles, Video Killed The Radio Star popped into my head. As I listened to the song I began to think of the transition advertising has made over the last few years. People used to look for information in the print media and now the majority of the consumers that may be looking for your products or services are seeking the information via the internet. Radio used to produce great results for musicians now it is video and internet streaming. In today’s market if you do not have videos in your marketing arsenal you will be like the radio star mentioned in this song.

 On August 1, 1981 MTV launched and revolutionized the way music was presented to the world. MTV is definitely leaving a digital imprint on the world as they now celebrate 33 years on the air. MTV took the lead and over the years others have followed suite such as VH1,  and The Country Music Channel. Being a pioneer in your field and leaving a digital important are two important components that will lead to success in your business. The old adage if you are not growing you are dying comes to mind when understanding the importance that video plays in your marketing mix.

 In today’s digital world it is so easy to find information as more and more people are leaving a digital footprint. As an example I wanted to use MTV as an example of a digital footprint and I went to YOUTUBE and typed in MTV First Video Aired and I found exactly what I needed. As I searched for material for this blog I began to think how many businesses are not leaving a digital footprint and missing what can be a very lucrative platform to build their brand and increase their revenue.  The key to leaving a digital footprint is to create an audience that will continue to use your products and services. The video hits on one key component to succeed with your marketing strategy and that is to adapt to the changes that are occurring around you.

I have often stated that if you are going to talk about it you must have something to back it up. Today I am writing about leaving a digital footprint so I give you The Anything Bucket 02.18.14 from Wayne Filowitz / on Vimeo, which is my TV Show that was launched on August 7, 2013. On the show I interview business leaders and community leaders thus giving them an opportunity to leave a digital footprint. I currently reach 145 countries and 50,000 viewers each week. I invite people to come to The WRPBiTV Studios in Boca Raton, Florida to tape a segment to air on my show, which is seen at on Tuesday at 6:30 PM.

 One way to leave a digital footprint is to visit a site like and sign up for their free version and make a 30 second video like this one that can be shared across your social media platforms and on your website.  The key factor needed to have an effective digital footprint is to create an audience. People are drawn to do business with people perceived to have a following thus the more views you can have on your video the better chance of capturing them as customers.

 Think of ways to leave your digital footprint so you don’t allow video to kill the radio star.  If you seek assistance in leaving your digital footprint call 954-254-8227 mention this blog and receive $25 off of your initial consultation(Normally $100 for 1 hour). Stay Positive.



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