Advertisement Ideas: How To Be A Giver And Increase Revenue!!!!


Advertisement Ideas: How To Be A Giver And Increase Revenue!!!!

 In business capital is key to the existence of the business. The biggest challenge I hear from those I work with is how cash strapped they are. They ask me JDOGG how can I increase my cash flow and build a solid revenue stream? My answer is find ways to be a giver. Many times they look at me with the perplexed look on their face as to say what do you mean I need money and giving things away isn’t going to help me. It is at that moment where I explain that lack mentality and a scarcity belief system is what put them in the position. I explain that it is now time to shift to an abundance mind-set and become a giver.   In any business the key is to find a way to be a giver while also being of service and value.

Advertisement Ideas: Shifting From Taking To Giving!!!!

 In my volunteer experience with The American Cancer Society Relay For Life I have often been told no and I have heard all of the excuses why someone would not donate $1. The reason that they were struggling personally and professionally was due to the limitless beliefs they had of being a taker. A pizza place I stopped into in Boca Raton told me flat-out if I wasn’t buying his pizza he wasn’t interested. This same owner told me a year ago how he needed money and wasn’t giving anything away. As I walked out I thought he was struggling last year and this year he continues to struggle and he probably wonders why he is not reaping the benefits of having a pizza place in a high trafficked area across from the middle school. His thoughts and his attitude are holding him back. He is an example of someone who should shift from being a taker to being a giver.

 Think about it for a moment had the owner of the pizza parlor at least have been open and receptive and listened to me what I could have done for him. Not only could I have promoted him to my followers, which now number over 10,000 between Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In I could have given him a shout out on my radio show, which now has over 100,000 listeners and over 300 followers, I would have invited him to do a segment on my TV Show, which reaches 50,000+ viewers each week. All he had to do is give me about 3-5 minutes and he would have benefitted from my influence. Instead he decided to be a taker and now doesn’t get my business or my support. The moral here is to be open to receive and listen to all who approach you as you never know how they can be of service and value to you.  Remember Givers Get More!!!

 On the flip side of this story is my experience with Oasis Day Spa a nail salon in The Logger’s Run Shoppes in West Boca Raton. I was early for The Relay For Life Fundraiser being hosted at Packy’s and put on by The Starbuck’s Team for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life so I decided to walk the plaza and seek donations. I walked into the nail salon and told the owner who I was and what I doing and she asked if she could write a check I said of course you can. She handed me a check for $100. I am now recommending anyone who seeks a manicure or pedicure to go to that nail salon. On my next stop in I will ask her for business cards so when I go to networking events in that area I will promote her.  By the owner being a giver she continues to thrive and run a successful business.

 In shifting from the taker point of view to the giver point of view you will begin to see a positive shift in your personal and professional life. You do not have to give money all the time. Sometimes it can be as simple as listening to what someone is proposing and sharing their idea with others.  I have had many businesses over the last 1o years that I have been involved with Relay For Life tell me I can’t do much but I can hang your poster and hand out your fliers. The businesses that have dome that for me have received promotions from me, a free video promo to use across their marketing platforms, and I have even shopped at their locations or used their services.  The gentleman from The Honey Company that I met at The Coconut Creek Art Fair said I can’t give you money but I can give you honey. He gave me a large jar of his honey, which I used in a chance drawing and we raised $70 for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life. Guess what when I get home I am going to grab his card and give him all types of shout outs and when I need Honey I am going to order from him.

 I donate my services as an emcee for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life and as a result I have made key contacts that have helped me in my business. It is when you give that you get.

Advertisement Ideas: Being A Giver Builds Revenue!!!!

 In 2010 the proprietors of Skyline Chili in Sunrise, FL hosted several give back nights where they donated 20% of the sales and tips to Relay for Life. As a result of them doing that they created more traffic to the restaurant and as a result picked up many new customers who have become regulars. I had never gone to Skyline Chili until the day I wanted to set up a fundraiser and now I along with my Dad are there once a month spending about $25 with tip just because they decided to host a fundraiser for Relay For Life. They proved that when you give you get.

 As you continue to build your business look for ways to become a giver and then leverage your giving across all your marketing platforms. People love to support businesses that they perceive to be givers.

 Bless your personal and professional life by being a giver.  Look for more suggestions on how to be a giver in upcoming entries. If you have been a giver please share your story here with a link to your website. It is when we give without expectation of return that we reap the greatest rewards.


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